Social Media Week Lagos Day 3: Sessions We Are Looking Forward To Attend!

Social Media Week Lagos Day 3: Sessions We Are Looking Forward To Attend!

It’s yet another day and opportunity to attend various sessions form the ongoing Social Media Week Lagos. Creatives gather to discuss various topical issues on technology, culture, arts etc.

Sessions for today are interesting and worthy to attend but we are looking forward to attending these sessions.

smwlagos 2018-kamdora

1: Maximising your ROA:

Likes! Re-tweets! You are racking up interest for sure, but where is all that engagement getting you? It has become the business of Social Media to help you build an audience, but when it comes to mobilizing these ‘’fans’’ to buy merch, tickets or experiences, they fall short. However, this panel will look into the causes of that disconnect and examine some tools to turn those likes into dollars.

TIME IS  9am-10am.

2: Tech Village’s Square: What’s Hot, What’s Not:

As the African start-up ecosystem continues to grow and investment options for entrepreneurs widen, our attention is diverted to the investors to tell us what makes for an attractive business. What’s hot and what’s not in this region.

This session will explore the critical roles emerging technologies can play in helping to address its age-old development challenges and achieve exponential growth over the next decade. The discussion will focus on security, Artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain /Cryptocurrency, VR/AR, Internet of things and how they can be used to deliver disruptive outcomes and reshape digital business.

TIME IS  9am-10am.


3: The Future of selling in Africa: New Customers and New Locations.

Factors such as high foreign exchange rate, high unemployment and large youth populations have created the governmental and economic will to make Nigeria and Africa less resource dependent… and this is where business technology steps in. Without sales no business can survive. Most businesses in Nigeria and Africa have been limited to their local communities/urban areas with limited trade in distant locales, leading to locked up opportunities for business growth. We will explore how technology is making distant locations closer, as well as practical cases of businesses disrupting their industries by using technology to sell offline to attain scale and profitability.

TIME IS 9am-10am.

4: Kitchen Wars: The battle of the sexes.

Two leading chefs, (one male, one female) compete in a challenge to make a dish using the same local ingredients. Our #chopnchat chefs will prepare a dish live, talking through their individual cooking techniques whilst answering questions about their experiences as a male and as a female chef in Nigeria and beyond. Once the dish is finished attendees will be invited to taste the food and judge whose creation they like the most.

TIME IS 2;30-4;00pm.

smwl-heels -in the kitchen5: Aesthetically pleasing: The art of plating your food is a masterclass on food presentation and Q&A with a leading local chef. Learn how to make your plate #nom worthy for the gram! Presented by head Chef Imoteda of Heels In The Kitchen.

TIME is 5pm


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