Hair & Beauty – 45 Hairstyles For The Black Women!

Hair & Beauty – 45 Hairstyles For The Black Women!

In 2017, many trends of the previous year have remained, however, new tendencies have popped up. A fashionable hairstyle may complete any look and emphasize the beauty of the woman.

This season, the range of win-win hairstyles for black women is quite wide, it incorporates braids, ultra-voluminous hair, slick knots, modern twists and waves, low and high ponytails, bleached short and long strands, ombre, pixie, and updos with a side part. Besides, vivid hues on locks are a real knockout.

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So, if you want to look gorgeous all the time, use this guide and find your own perfect variant!

Alluring ombre

45 Hairstyles to do - Alluring Ombre

A side-swept forelock and wavy locks of two colors make the look glamorous. Try it out to look more feminine.

Doll curls

45 Hairstyles to do - Doll Curls

Baby doll curls will bring out your best facial features and a root volume will make a necessary accent.

Wavy lob

45 Hairstyles to do - Wavy Lob
Make dense, curly locks more textured and have them cut as a lob. Curls will look playful.

Trendy braids

45 Hairstyles to do - Trendy Braids
Use freetress hair extensions and create a sassy look. Sleek braids look fashionable.

Going dusty gray

45 Hairstyles to do - Dusty Gray
A bob of a unique shade will set off your complexion and make you outstanding.

Gorgeous curls

45 Hairstyles to do - Gorgeous Curls

Show off your character through a dope haircut! Small ringlets with blonde ends are a part of a daring look!

High ponytail

45 Hairstyles to do - High Ponytail
Wavy locks are a win-win option in 2017. Wear a tousled ponytail and disheveled curls and you’ll be trendy!

Stunning crochet braids

45 Hairstyles to do - Stunning Crochet
These lush crochet braids require little time for styling and they will give you a great look.

Short Curls

45 Hairstyles to do - Short Curls

These alluring curls prove that a short haircut may be a fashionable solution for natural hair.

Volumetric crown with an under cut

45 Hairstyles to do - Undercut

Bring some edginess to your look by having sides shaved. A layered top will put an emphasis on beautiful eyes.

Short curls

45 Hairstyles to do - Short Cut Curls

These glossy short curls may be worn for fashionable statements. Add some gel and fix with spray, they’ll last for the whole day.

Amazing ringlets

45 Hairstyles to do - Amazing Ringlets
Maintain curls with an iron and pump up the volume of tresses. This short hairstyle is for women, who stay strong and feminine.

Short tapered hairstyle

45 Hairstyles to do - Short Tapered Hairstyle
Go for a short cut with long temples and layered strands to make up a confident look.

Dramatic pink bob

45 Hairstyles to do - Dramatic Pink Bob

Don’t be afraid of wearing bright locks. Wear a glossy pink bob to express yourself.

Soft pink

45 Hairstyles to do - Soft Pink
Exposed roots with soft pink curls make up a great variant for African American women!

Blonde granny hairstyle

45 Hairstyles to do - Blonde Granny Hairstyle
This hairstyle takes things to the next level. With it, you’ll look cheeky and sexy.

Cute short hair

45 Hairstyles to do - Cute Short Hair
To be trendy, just have a side-swept long forelock, tease the crown, and a sassy look is ready.

Smashing ombre

45 Hairstyles to do - Smashing Ombre
If you want your locks to look more volumetric, opt an asymmetrical cut with bicolor curls.

Short wavy hair

45 Hairstyles to do - Short Wavy Hair

If your natural hair is wavy, have it clipped as layers to make it more textured and dense.

Perfect waves

45 Hairstyles to do - Perfect Waves
Emphasize the beauty of your natural locks with edgy curls. They’ll create a festive look.

Chic crochet braids

45 Hairstyles to do - Chic Crochet Braids
Do you want to have an extraordinary look? Have natural strands braided and add hair extensions of different colors.

Sophisticated look
A boyish hairstyle is an eternal trend! Have the crown bleached and curled upward to make the cut more feminine.

Natural haircut

45 Hairstyles to do - Natural Haircut
Faded sides and a kinky top is everything you need to make curly locks look even more attractive.

Messy bob

45 Hairstyles to do - Messy Bob
Short tousled layers create the effect of light negligence, which is always in fashion!

Blonde pixie

45 Hairstyles to do - Blonde Pixie
Highlighted strands are clipped gradually, they remind of feathers. A long fringe adds flirtation to the look.

Pastel purple hairstyle

45 Hairstyles to do - Pastel Purple
To make distinct layers and flat-trimmed bangs brighter, have them dyed in a pastel purple shade. You’ll stand out with this hairdo.

Unique combination

45 Hairstyles to do - Gray tones
Hair fashion in 2017 is everything vivid and unusual. Be trendy with this cut – silver locks with an olive top – braided or loose.

Middle-length braids

45 Hairstyles to do - Middle Length Braids
Cute plaits will enliven any image! Add crochet hair extensions to make the locks look denser.

Cornrows updo

45 Hairstyles to do - Cornrows updo
Braids are still trendy, so have your strands braided in cornrows and gather the rest of hair into small plaits.

African braids

45 Hairstyles to do - African Braids
Combine African braids with shaved sides and get an eye-catching hairstyle!

Beautiful bangs

45 Hairstyles to do - Beautiful green bangs
Turn a common pixie into something outstanding by adding an emerald hue to the wavy bangs. A side part will complement the hairdo.

Short updo

45 Hairstyles to do - Short Updo
Root volume and a side forelock make this haircut alluring. The hairstyle suits women with a round face.

Gorgeous volume

45 Hairstyles to do - Gorgeous Volume

Enjoy what nature has given to you. Wear small ringlets and boost up a root volume.

Awesome short cut

45 Hairstyles to do - Amazing Cut
If you like contrasts, then go for this hairstyle! Have dark sides faded and a blonde balayage on the crown.

Kinky ringlets galore

45 Hairstyles to do - Kinky Ringlets galore

Emphasize your natural hair texture and leave the crown curly. To add a zest, have a pattern on the faded sides.

Daring look

45 Hairstyles to do - Braided curls

Show your ultimate volume: have sides braided and leave a huge volume on curly tresses along the parting.

Sleek knot

45 Hairstyles to do - Sleek Knot
Create a sleek knot at the top is much chicer than wearing tresses loose. Do this hairdo and look fashionable.

Swanky ringlets

45 Hairstyles to do - Swanky Ringlets
Raised wavy side-swept bangs look great with long curls. This variant is perfect for a prom!

Wet locks

45 Hairstyles to do - Wet Locks
The effect of wet hair is a permanent trend. Wear slightly disheveled short locks.

Messy knot

45 Hairstyles to do - Messy Knots

Don’t have much time for styling? Knot strands up, tease them a little and leave a short fringe.

Tousled pixie

45 Hairstyles to do - Tousled Pixie
If you always want to look chic, then go for a pixie hairstyle! Use wax to add some texture and that’s it!

Shiny and sleek

45 Hairstyles to do - Shiny and Sleek
These barely noticeable waves add a little touch of adorable sweetness to this severe look. This is a universal hairstyle.

Explosion of colors

45 Hairstyles to do - Explosion of colors
“More curls!” – this is the slogan of hair fashion in 2017. Add diverse hues and the cut will be outstanding!

Long & flat

45 Hairstyles to do - Long and Flat

Locks, which are perfectly flat and cascade down the shoulders and the back are a zest of this season.

Subtle balayage

45 Hairstyles to do - Subtle
Soft imperfect waves create a messy look. Choose this look and bring the focus to the just-got-out-of-bed sexy appeal.

Thus, this year offers a great variety of hairstyles, the accent is put on wavy, curly hair, vivid hues and natural shades are in demand. Also, braids, ombre, pixie and crochet braid hairstyles in a bun should be considered. Choose what is perfect for you and go for experiments!



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