On Beauty This Week – 7 Simple Things To Do At Work To Keep Yourself Beautiful

On Beauty This Week – 7 Simple Things To Do At Work To Keep Yourself Beautiful

How many of us wondered if we were doing enough for our face skin while being away from home for more than 8 hours daily? We protect our skin as much as possible during our free days. However, most of them aren’t free. Also, they turn out to be demanding for our mind and mood. Though all of these, how can we manage to stay beautiful longer and don’t let stress affect us?

Our skin talks through its pores. We just need to find the time and way to hear its needs. Let’s see 7 easy things to do at work for our skin. Once these become decisions or rituals, they have results on the long-run.

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Know What You’ve Got

The golden rule of taking care of your skin while being at work is to make sure that you are at the right one. How’s an unpleasing job for a woman, besides stressful? Analyze your work, together with salary and benefits. See if you enjoy your tasks, the office atmosphere, your work schedule and all its details. If you’re work is rather difficult than rewarding, get ready for any occasion. Look for resumes and cover letters on IResumeCoverLetter.com and have one of each prepared.

This will save you if a career opportunity appears overnight. Even if you enjoy your work, writing a cover letter is good exercise. You discover additional information about yourself, your skills and your career purpose.

So, you spend many hours on your office chair. However, this doesn’t stop you from stretching your muscles. Start with your hand muscles and stretch all muscle categories until you reach your toes. Do this at least three times per day to keep your body active in a sedentary environment.

You can also touch your toes, march in place or do a few jumping jacks. If you feel embarrassed about this, look attentively at your colleagues before you begin. Some of them might be stretching also.

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Protect Your Skin from the Sun
Your office might be the last place you think you need sunscreen. However, this might not stand for you. Some of us have the desk near a window and we feel the morning or afternoon sun rays directly on our skin. Also, maybe taking a walk on a short break is a daily habit.

Protect your skin from the rays that might dry it without you noticing. Use sunscreen especially in summer, when preparing for work. This way, you also avoid earning an unaesthetic tan.

Choose Healthy Meals

What you eat shows on your skin. You can have a healthy diet, even if you work in an environment where everyone eats candies. You can plan your weekly meal in advance on Sunday night. By already scheduling your meals, you only need to focus on purchasing the ingredients and save time. Include a generous breakfast in your work meals.

If you’re a fan of snacks, forget about those vending-machine bars that claim to be healthy. They usually are loaded with sugar and chemicals. Instead, take some dried fruit or boiled veggies to work and enjoy their fresh and energizing taste.

Drink Herbal Teas

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All juices contain sugar, including natural ones. There are substances that replace sugar, such as aspartame, but these are far from healthy. Instead, you can prepare your own smoothies or fresh juice at home, in the morning.

However, preparing juice takes time. You can save some of it and still enjoy a rich taste and vitamins if you decide to drink herbal teas. Find your favorite herb, study its effects and decide for how long you will drink it. Herbal teas have health and cosmetic benefits which will quickly show.

Walk More

When you work in an office, every minute of moving around matters. Ditch the phone and email and visit your colleagues for an update or even a chat. Instead of responding to an email (unless it’s official) or discuss projects over the phone, walk to their office.

Avoid elevators and moving walkways for those extra steps. By mixing work talk with a chat, your mood will improve as well as your colleague’s. Studies say that beautiful people have more earnings. Smiles make a person even more beautiful, so why not gaining one by socializing?

Drink Water
Water is the liquid that keeps you hydrated during the day. Offices with air conditioning usually dry the skin, which needs additional moisturizing to keep its cells active. We wear make-up during most days, so creams are out of the questions.

The skin can also hydrate from inside your body. Make sure your drink eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated and fresh.

Stay Beautiful
Remember that the most important tip is to keep your motivation. Look for inspiration and gain from everything you read and see. Keep a smile on your face and see the good in everything. You will soon notice that smiles spread around.


Now, get ready and continue building up your career! Meanwhile, your most important management project is to manage your beauty.





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