#WakandaForever: Ankara Styles You Can Wear To See The Black Panther Movie!

#WakandaForever: Ankara Styles You Can Wear To See The Black Panther Movie!

It’s really been a long time here! We are definitely crushing on a whole lot of trends in the fashion industry.

News on the block is that Black Panther movie is out in the cinemas and people are rushing out already to watch it in their native attires! Quite a joke huh?

Anyways, the point is to celebrate the movie the African way since it the plot of the movie was largely about African heroes.

If you are African and proud, the dress code would revolve around boldness, daring and sophistication.


Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun

Make an entrance in a sophisticated ruffle-detailed top and pair it up in fire pants! The scarf definitely adds a flavour to the theme-warrior!

2: The daring kimono:

Sade Akinosho

How to step out in your “Africanness” with an intimidating kimono outfit. Gotta love Sade Akinosho on this one!

Image: Grass Fields

Blazers and pitch black angle boots for the win! Which hero doesn’t have a pair of those power accessory (boots).

irony of ashi-kamdora
Image: @ironyofashi

Something colourful! Africa is the most beautiful and colourful continent in the world and guess what, we are coloured! Get the conversation going in an over-the-top belted oversized jacket.


Squad goals! The more friends the more intimidation….lol. Who goes to see a black panther movie without any of their bffs?

ankara style-kamdora-black panther
Image: Midget Giraffe

Ain’t no Black Panther movie without a for! Here’s top the African princess theme and looking elegant in one clean sweep!

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