#BigBrotherNaija3 Update: The Surprising BamTeddy Kiss, The Fashion Parade, Lolu’s Cry & CeeC Calls Tobi “A Messy Kid”!

#BigBrotherNaija3 Update: The Surprising BamTeddy Kiss, The Fashion Parade, Lolu’s Cry & CeeC Calls Tobi “A Messy Kid”!

As we go deeper into weeks, the Big Brother Naija housemates seem to get more interesting! Let me start by saying that I did not see BamBam and Teddy’s kiss coming at all! She previously stated that she couldn’t date the likes of TeddyA simply because he smokes, he had tattoos all over him and now see who was falling deeply exchanging saliva with the only Teddy in the house! Highly insane!


Just look at that lip-locking! oooouch!

Nina and Ifunada were at loggerheads at each other and everyone stood up for Nina simply because Ifunada called her a “dumb-bitch”. Nina, beforehand was upset about the food not going round but reacted to Ifunada’s “harsh” comment and called her “stupid” in the most “shocking way”. They haven’t made up till now, adults…….
This week, Nina made her partner proud when she solved the puzzle first, guess she’s not as dumb or slow as her rivals thought!

vid credit: Pulseng

Rico Swave is slowly becoming everybody’s fave! His facial reactions, his funny demeanour and his cute self! Did you catch the part where his eyes got stuck on Alex’s butt when she twerked? Epic! The other housemates lost their home training at the house party dancing “One Corner”. Who else thinks that Alex is such a stepper? Danng…that girl owns the dance floor!


Rico Swave couldn't take his eye off Alex's while she was twerking..
Rico Swave couldn’t take his eye off Alex’s while she was twerking..

Lolu got the shocker of his life when DJ Exclusive recognises him as an OAP from Beatfm. He couldn’t hold his tears of joy! In other words, Lolu has blown…….. I literally died at this! The housemates had a blast entertaining themselves to a fashion parade. I thought BamBam was best dressed!


The Ceebi team a.k.a CeeC & Tobi will not make the viewers go literally mad! I’m at this point tired of those two…as usual, the begging continues. Tobi had to explain to Cee-C why he didn’t bring the food on time because she thought he was playing with Alex.  What even broke the camel’s back was the response she gave Ebuka when he asked what was going on between she and Tobi. “He’s being a messy kid”, she replied! At this point, I’m looking for a magnifying glass to check for the part of Tobi’s brain that was chopped off for not realising the sort of friend zone he got himself! I’m crying, for real! Helllpppp!!!!

The latest gist we would uncover this week….

  1. Who else think Khloe has a thing for Leo and he is just trying to play it safe because K-brule also has a thing for Khloe?
  2. Will Ifunada find love because no guy seem attracted and she is trying too much to get attention?
  3. Will this Ceebi kiss ever happen? hoomygoshhhh!!
  4. Will Rico “man up” to Alex because she just can’t be giving such bootilicious twerk and his eyes are gone?
  5. Will there be real eviction?
  6. Is Ahneeka even crushing on any guy, she can’t just be wasting her smile upandan na?

Let’s hear what you think in the comment section!




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