Fashion: Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6 Is Out & No, They Don’t Need A Runway!

Fashion: Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6 Is Out & No, They Don’t Need A Runway!

The king of social media attention has once again effortlessly unleashed his new collection of his athleisure clothing brand-Yeezy and in its sixth season. Kanye West has once again got his campaign trending, got our attention effortlessly and is somewhere laughing hard with some Gs in Germany.

There’s so much to say about his new campaign which is still driving the internet crazy! First, Kim Kardashian launched the Yeezy Season 6 on her body and got the paparazzi taking pictures. That was their way of hinting the public that the Yeezy Season 6 was out!

kim kardashian 6
Kim Kardashian sipping some smoothie in Yeezy Season 6
Paris Hilton replicates Kim-K’s look and pose. Don’t they just look alike?

No, this wasn’t going to go down just like that? Kanye introduced millionaire Paris Hilton- Kim Kardashian’s best friend and ex-boss to champion the campaign. In the new campaign, Paris Hilton poses and is Kim-K’s clone. Honestly, you couldn’t tell them apart.

That wasn’t the only huge surprise the Wests have for the public, the campaign gave the internet free nude females (the Clermont twins) to pose with only the Yeezy boots! Hair just like Kim and butt just like Kim but a slimmer version was how they looked like.

The Clermont twins modelling for Yeezy Campaign on the street





yeezy-season 6-kamdora8

Another model, Yovanna Ventura for Yeezy campaign;



yeezy-season 6-kamdora

yeezy season 6

!Paris Hilton too hits the street for Yeezy Season 6. It’s definitely a way to prove that Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were best friends and still bffs


paris-hilton-yeezy-season 6

Oh Kanye! He skipped New York Fashion Week last year and got Kim Kardashian to model his pieces on the street of Calabasas. Now, with few friends, influencers, Instagram models and the power of social media he recreated Kim’s look from last year through the models to push his collection! Genius!

What do you think about Kanye West’s campaign strategy? Let’s hear it in the comment section!



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