Your Nail Kit Is Not Complete Without This Product

Your Nail Kit Is Not Complete Without This Product

I recently found out that unlike me, who pays attention to her nails only when I’m getting my new manicures in, most people have a cultivated habit of doing their nail grooming themselves.

Acrylic Nails

I also found out that, of all the things a complete nail kit should have, the one most people seem to neglect is the nail polish remover.

The importance of a nail polish remover transcends more than what the name implies – it is what gives you the clean slate your nails should be before polishing and fixing.

The Glam’s Makeup Pro Touch Nail Polish remover comes in two types – With Acetone or without Acetone




Formulated without Acetone, this Glam’s product is the perfect solution to remove nail polish and respect the nail. The sap of bamboo is a mattering ally to strengthen, revitalize and hydrate nails.




Available on the Kamdora store on a price range of 520 Naira to 1,060 Naira depending on size, your nail kit is incomplete without the Glam’s Nail Polish remover!


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