Glamour’s February 2018 Cover Is The Enviable Tracee Ellie Ross!

Glamour’s February 2018 Cover Is The Enviable Tracee Ellie Ross!


Tracee Ellis Ross on "Glamour," February 2018. Photo: Patrick Demarchelier 

Black-ish star, Traciee Ellie Ross graces Glamour’s February’s cover. Raised by a music icon and a woman of many parts; an actress, fashion designer, an advocate and the first black woman in more than 30 years to win a Golden Globe awards for best actress.

Traciee at 45 has lived! She talks about being 45, single in real life as opposed to her character on the sitcom, Black-ish. “It’s really interesting to be a woman and to get to 45, and not be married and not have kids. Especially when you have just pushed out your fifth kid on TV.” And to have spent an entire season pregnant! …On the other hand, it feels very natural: I am very mothering. Whether I end up having children or not, I will always be a very mothering person”. She says in an interview with Glamour.



Her very touching and heartfelt speech at the Glamour’s Women of the year summit calls for a standing ovation. She definitely spoke the hearts of single women, especially who are devoured by the expectations of the society. 

For all that she is- she won Golden Globes, she’s an actress, a fashion designer and currently on one of the most watched television series et al, is still expected to be “fulfilled” by a man. Well, Traciee dealt with that part on her interview with Glamour (here).


On explaining the term “sex-positive”, she simply sees it as owning your sexuality as something that is yours! “Yes, it is so simple. Of course people want to be complimented, but you want to be complimented in a way that respects who you are—maybe you don’t want to be complimented on your clothing. You have that right to say to your coworker, “That’s not a thing that I enjoy.” “Oh, no problem. I won’t do that anymore.” It is all about respect and giving people a choice about how we are touching and talking about their body. Historically, women have not had ownership of our own bodies. And it is enough. It is enough. You do not get to touch my body or comment on my body as you please. Period.She explains further. 

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