9 to 5 Chic? 10 Edgy Work Looks To Kick Off 2018!

9 to 5 Chic? 10 Edgy Work Looks To Kick Off 2018!

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For some, work begins today while others resume next week. It’s not just the beginning of a new week. It’s the first workday of the year, the beginning of a new quarter for the year and it’s very smart to kick off your first Monday with style!

This time, it’s pushing the boundaries of work style. Except for strict work dress codes such as banks, insurance companies or oil companies that require a certain colour and uptightness.With that fashion still remains a boundary breaker but you just have to work your way through.

This year, say no to shabby skirts, ill fit outfits, workwear that could cause corporate wardrobe malfunction but work with good designers, stay within your budget, be corporate and edgy, it won’t hurt anyone.

Scroll down for 10 corporate but edgy styles to kick off 2018!

Look 1: A white dress with a burst of black ruffle detail on one sleeve and a blue breast pocket for the creative chic. For the chic with uptight work dress code, match it up with a black/ blue capri pants or wear a longer version.

Vimbai Mutinhiri in Fruché Official

Look 2: Asymmetrical two-piece by Haniifa: Just the way I like it! Edgy, sophisticated and still work worthy. Only creative chics would get this!

Hanifa in Haniifa Studios

Look 3: Perfect look for a cold or harmattan weather. A perfect blend of sweater, white shirt and double buttoned slit skirt. Too cool to ignore!

Sade Akinosho

Look 4: Athleisure but work chic! Beyoncé got that magic mixing and matching three tops (tee, blazer & shirt) and finishing the lool of with a bi-stripe orange top. Too edgy!


Look 5: Deconstructed shirt dress with Ozinna! When you step into the work space looking all serious but playful and chic is one “attitude” everyone wants around. My best look yet!

Ozinna Anumudu

Look 6: Peek-a-boo! How enchanting this peek-a-boo style is on Zizi. She matched her high neck peek-a-boo ruffle top matched with a plaid cropped pants. One word, stylish!

Ozinna Anumudu

Look 7: This is how to style an extra crop top hanging in your wardrobe! Take a cue from Nimyde’s edgy but sophisticated work look. She styles her loose crop top on a crisp white shirt tucked in a black high waist skirt. Never leave without a statement shoes!

Nimyde Ogbeun

Look 8: The Androgynous chic and definitely stylish in her blazer and cullotes. Go extra with the boots and hair!

Ada Oguntodu

Look 9: Tripple the blazer is way too cool! Only cool people or fashion forward ladies would ‘get’ this edgy style. Absolutely my go-to for an extremely cold weather.



Look 10: The corset-work chic! Bringing a bit of sexy to work from that piece of lingerie you have laying idle. It’s an adorable mix of night wear to day wear. Stunning and well thought out!

work chic-kamdorabkn

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