Lifestyle: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Big Shaq, Toke Makinwa, Bobrisky&Jacob, P-Square & More Got Social Media Buzzing In 2017!

Lifestyle: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Big Shaq, Toke Makinwa, Bobrisky&Jacob, P-Square & More Got Social Media Buzzing In 2017!

One word for 2017 for me is eventful! If you followed the last post on biggest moments of 2017, you would feel like some individuals were left out but nah, they were saved for this spot!

This year wouldn’t have been what it is probably without their efforts although some of them didn’t intentionally mean it. We have seen breakout stars saying absolutely close to nonsense, to more influential celebrity from weddings. The unthinkable happened in 2017!

These individuals got more interesting!

1: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu: Not that Ebuka wasn’t popular but #baad2017 melted our hearts even more. Ebuka got Nigerians talking when he posted a picture of him wearing a deconstructed Agbada by a Nigerian designer, Ugo Monye. For those who know, Ebuka cleans up good but that “Ugo-Monye” agbada was a level changer!

2:Toke Makinwa: Toke became more successful this year! After she finished her book tour she teased us with the #issababygirlforlife hashtag on Instagram. Little did we know that she was planning to launch her luxury bag collection called The Toke Mini Tote bag. The luxurious leather bag is already sold out even without official launching. 

3: Bobrisky & Jacob: Should I even call his name “Jacuurrb” fondly pronounced by his master, Bobrisky! Everyone wanted to find out who Bobrisy’s new aide is. He was first introduced by Bob to the world through his popular Instagram page. What made “Jacuurb” really popular was the way his name was pronounced by Bobrisky, how he was shown off by Bob and lastly, how Bobrisky and Jacuurb had a misunderstanding and the event is still controversial.

4: P-Square : Nigeria’s music duo, the popular twins-Peter & Paul confirmed to news agencies on social media that they would no longer sing as a group! This got Nigerians angry, unhappy about their split. The two brothers didn’t handle the situation properly that it became a “national topic” which eventually led to their split.

5: Michael Daapah a.k.a Big Shaq: If these two names doesn’t ring a bell, then you must recognise the phrase “:man’s not hot” from social media! Even to the streets, he becmae so influential after he went live at a radio station freestyling a rap song. The catchphrase “man’s not hot“became the newest slogan on the lips of every NIgerian and Yes, he is coming to Nigeria!

6: Nathaniel Bassey: Nathaniel got social media praising God with him via the #hallelujahchallenge. He got 80% of Nigerians up at midnight to join the hallelujah challenge live stream with worshippers testifying about the miracles through the challenge.

7: The Kardashian sisters: Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian from the famous Kardashian clan broke the internet with the shocking news that they were both pregnant almost at the same time. Although months after this news, Khloe just confirmed the news of her pregnancy after years of trying with her previous partner Lamar Odom.

8: Kevin Hart: Have you ever heard of the internet doesn’t sleep? Kevin Hart gave the internet reasons to judge him after news broke out he cheated on his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish and was allegedly threatened to pay a fee.

9: Speed Darlington: I’m already amused by the stage name! How would we have used the catchphrase #bangdadadang without this Nigerian in diaspora? His music broke the internet and left Nigerians amused by both the lyrics and sound. He didn’t stop at that his usual rant on social media platforms has got Nigerians thinking of what to do with him.

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