Rochas Okorocha’s Eccentricities, Beyonce’s Twins, GOT & Others, Here Are The News That Got The Biggest Buzz In 2017!

Rochas Okorocha’s Eccentricities, Beyonce’s Twins, GOT & Others, Here Are The News That Got The Biggest Buzz In 2017!

We couldn’t have let 2017 slide without doing a few recaps of the greatest moments that got people talking. Literally, the biggest events that brought discussions or interactions through social media. From controversial situations to happy moments, these are 2017’s biggest moments.

1: Game Of Thrones Frenzy: I can’t even begin to argue with anyone. The extent to which G.O.T series got everyone hypnotized was just awesome. At a point, even at job interviews at least one question related to the G.O.T series was asked and it wouldn’t surprise me if any Britain got named after the movie series.

2: The Wedding Party: Everything about The Wedding Party movie got us all hyped! From the moment Banky Wellington broke the internet by a single proposal shot, Nigerians went crazy with disbelief!  It didn’t end there, the part 2 of the movie made us anticipate what would become of the newest Nigerian celebrity couple. The movie teaser, the bridal shower, the new cast on the movie, the real wedding party, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu (he’s a topic we would expatiate on later) and the rest.

3: Evans & The Kidnapping Situation: This incident got Nigerians on their toes especially! It was reported on the international news agency as well. Here’s the thing, sometime in September, it was reported that an opulent Nigerian Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans was arrested due to his kidnapping act. There was a lot of controversy with this case. He threatened to reveal affluent Nigerian men who were involved, he won a court case, Nigerians threatened the government to release him and a whole bunch of controversy which gradually faded.

4: Beyonce’s Twin Pregnancy: Can Beyoncé ever do anything that won’t go unnoticed? Definitely not! This year, the whole world went went gaga after knowing she was pregnant of twins! That single photo had more than a million likes in a minute via social media! No one expected Bey to be carrying twins- Sir & Rumi!

5: Man’s not hot” moment: If you haven’t heard this catchphrase, you definitely are living under the rock! Michael Daapah a Ghanaian born but UK based comedian broke the internet with his freestyle song and popular catchphrase “man’s not hot”. A rhyme that wasn’t meant to go viral went massively viral and now, he is touring the world with that catchphrase.

6: Fenty Beauty Launch: If you didn’t hear of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launch you definitely are on the world’s extreme corner! Rihanna proved to the world that she is an epitome of both beauty and brains as she launched her own beauty line- Fenty Beauty which not only broke the internet but sold out in hours. Till date, she keeps adding to the Fenty Beauty Collection.

7: Rochas Okorocha eccentricities: The governor of Imo state proved his abilities as a governor and big uncle in many ways. This year has been “uplifting”for him and his family. The only Nigerian governor who spent N1 billion naira on statutes of non Nigerians such as Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson of Liberia. He didn’t stop at that, he appointed his sister as the Commissioner of Happiness and couple’s fulfillment. The first position of its kind in Nigeria. We laughed until we gave up!

8: Our President (Mohammed Buhari) comes back to Nigeria: It was an exciting moment for every Nigerian because our ailing president had been on a medical trip which was overstayed. At a point, information was not being released to the public about his well-doing until he finally arrived back to Nigeria to resume his official duties.

9: Big Brother Naija: The very first Big Brother Naija show aired in South Africa which got Nigerian talking about the show. Anyways, the show brought a huge discussion here in Nigeria and abroad. The likes of Tboss, Bisola, Efe & Kemen got a huge controversy to the game. It was a huge moment for Nigeria! Efe won in the end.

10: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Engagement: Who would have thought these two love birds would get engaged this year? Well, they did! It would be Britain’s first time to have a black woman as “queen-to-be” at the palace.











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