TheSeedCompanyNG Notes’ – How To Set Smart Goals For Your Life In 2018

TheSeedCompanyNG Notes’ – How To Set Smart Goals For Your Life In 2018

Most people are motivated by the notion that one should make New year Resolutions at the New year but resolutions are just that… resolutions. Most successful organizations I know have either concluded their plans for 2018 or are currently on it as you read this article.

Think about this, if an organization with a clear vision and goals has already planned or is planning for 2018 now, why then shouldn’t you (the person who is either going to help them achieve those plans as an employee or as a customer) plan for yourself as an individual. You definitely have goals in life, work goals, personal goals and relationship goals. You have a vision of yourself that is known to you. Why wait till next year to decide to hit the Gym, why wait till next year to start writing that book, why wait till next year to start that course.

Ten to one, if you started planning now, you will realize several things that if unaware of might potentially pose a distraction or obstacle to your resolution if you kept it till January 2018.

Planning for 2018 requires a full retrospective look into your 2017. Every company that believes in success must go through the goal setting process. Think of yourself as a company –

What worked or didn’t work, what insights have you gained, what do you need to improve? Is your long term goal still your goal or has it evolved? If it has, what’s the difference? What is/are your new goal(s)? Can you break them down into a series of simple activities? When do these activities need to happen? What is your action plan? What is your strategy? How will you measure your growth? Who and what will you need to achieve your goals? How will you get the people or resources you need to achieve your goals? Do you have an advisory board? Who will hold you accountable to your growth or lack thereof ?

These questions might seem overwhelming, but the effort to think through and answer them will yield extremely high returns on investment. So take your time and go through them one at a time.

Beyond your goals and targets, you need a system that involves several small habits. Who do you have to be to achieve these goals? What habits does that person have? How does s/he think? What habits do you need to unlearn and relearn to be that person? How can you transit from who you are now to that person?
One of the ways to start is by going through your personal goal setting workshop.

Here is a sample worksheet to guide you in planning for 2018

smart goals from theseedcompanyng

And most importantly you need an advisory board. This board will go through this goals with you now and periodically next year. They will hold you accountable to the targets you have set for yourself.

The people you appoint to be on your personal advisory board can be mentors and or useful friends.

One of the goals I have set for myself in 2018 is to impact the lives of 10000 high potential individuals through teaching and execution. One of the key activities involves writing and publishing an article every week on Kamdora. I’m starting now because if this information is going to be useful enough to impact my high potential individuals, then it needs to be published before 2018 so you, yes you! Can actually implement some or all the tips in here.


If you need to talk through your goals or you need help with planning for 2018, do feel free to send an email with the title “2018 goals” to or send a Dm to @theseedcompanyng on instagram.


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