Lifestyle: See How Chidinma Ekile’s Is Bringing Her A-Game With Her Hair!

Lifestyle: See How Chidinma Ekile’s Is Bringing Her A-Game With Her Hair!

Chidinma Ekile has stepped out of that “project fame winner of 2010” stereotype that “Nigerians” labelled her. She hasn’t only worked hard to collaborate with top Nigerian artiste, release her singles and launched her album (Chidinma). 

This time, we are looking at another side of “Ms. Kedike” as she is fondly called by her fans. She has surprised us by extending her skills to acting and so far she has done two movies (Hex and The Bridge). 

But she couldn’t have gone unnoticed in her recent edgy hairstyle. We thought her short hair was fast becoming an identity but no, she wouldn’t be put in your box! Gradually, we saw the dramatic African rubber hairstyle on her album cover then we thought she meant business with rebranding herself as a whole.


Short hair, braided hair, mo-hawk inspired braids or edgy ‘”koroba” style, we are in for a good ride! This time, Chidinma is tickling our fancy and we approve it.

See more of her hairstyle: Although the styles don’t have a name but we gave the styles a befitting name!

Lady afropunk style
African rubber style


The Braided punk hairstyle
The Afro-punk hairstyle


The High “koroba” style
The sidecut braids style

Don’t you just love the way she looks good! We love her in all the styles and the red colour stands out more!

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