Lifestyle: A Day At The Luxurious Alara Store

Lifestyle: A Day At The Luxurious Alara Store

alara-kamdoraI remember when I made a list of places to explore in Lagos, Alara store was one of them! I had heard about the luxurious items there, the aesthetics of the store is so admirable. It has become one of the famous locations for taking good pictures, only IG users will understand this.

So, I got an invite to the Alara Store for the cultural event organised by Vlisco and AWCA (A White Space Creative Agency). The theme of the event was to explore the future of prints by a team of Nigerian creatives.

I wasn’t going to go to the store without checking for the details of the store. From the entrance, I was welcomed by the scintillating scents of oils and illumination piercing through the windows and light bulb.

It was a blend of luxury and traditional items from the luxurious skincare brand-Epara to the printed chairs. At every corner, a line of bespoke mules, watches or magazines are well placed on the corners. I fed my eyes to every item from the circle bags to the perfumes and I couldn’t even get my eyes off the clothed mannequins, they stood with class like a human being!



The Marco de Vincenzo luxury shoes
The Marco de Vincenzo luxury shoes

I soon learned that “money is good oo” the hard way! Don’t judge me but when beautiful things are arranged before you should be able to pick one but “a girl’s pocket is not hot” LOL!I plan to visit the Alara store next time at least to purchase one luxury item and check the restaurant!

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