Hair: 5 Times Nicki Minaj Brought Sexy Back With Her Long Hair!

Hair: 5 Times Nicki Minaj Brought Sexy Back With Her Long Hair!

We might have just found our modern day “Rapunzel” in Nicki Minaj! Nicki is bringing back this Victorian/Edwardian style in a more appealing and sexy way.

No, I’m not exaggerating about her hair she didn’t exactly grow the calf-long hair overnight but had insanely long extensions on her because she can. She’s been switching styles from blonde braids to black or blonde style since her fans approved of her hair.

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Barbie girl lifestyle or whatever it is Nicki is doing, she surely has got more attention from the other celebs. Kim Kardashian and Tiny also caught on this trend giving it a “thumbs up”in her signature black hair.

nicki minaj-kamdora

Like a true barbie, this look was created in Migos’ new video but her insanely long hair remains the beauty of the shoot.

nicki-minaj-kamdora 3

nicki minaj-kamdora 2

What’s an extension without a perfect closure? Nicki’s extension has got the perfect closure that makes her hair even more appealing. What else qualifies her as a certified badass already?

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