How Adiré Is Becoming More Relevant Through Fashion

How Adiré Is Becoming More Relevant Through Fashion


Can I  just say that the recession played a big role in making us realise those “gems” we didn’t value as a country? Looking at the positive impact of the recession which started out movements like #madeinnigeria, #fashionpreneurs, #socialentrepreneurs, #digitalentrepreneurs etc. 

In fashion, there were more fashion designers emerging, more “madeinnigeria” fashion brands etc. We were forced to use our local raw materials to produce rather than import. thankfully, some clothing brands decided to work with the Adiré which is mostly symbolical for the Yorubas speaking part of Nigeria. Did I forget to mention that the Aso-oke too became more elitist?


Wumi Tuase at the Lagos Fashion Design Week, 2017.

In recent times, Adiré isn’t only left in the hands of local women but has been transferred to the hands of both upcoming fashion brands and top fashion brands who make timeless pieces out of these local fabrics.

Adire these days is worn by people of class and not just indigenes residing in Ibadan or Abeokuta who have this fabric at their disposal. Adiré is gaining a higher ground in the fashion game. At every level in the fashion business, whether as a designer or a fashion blogger the Adiré fabric has become well sought after.

We have seen brands that specialise in making the best accessories, outfits or collection with Adiré. Brands like Maki Oh, Adire Nation, Leyelesi, Ré Lagos and a host of others are making the unthinkable with this piece.

Adiré accessories made by Adire brand, Leyelesi
Akin Faminu in an Adiré suit set!

Even the men look dapper in the Adiré fabric. Like can you beat that? From the designs so far, even with more creativity attached to Adiré making, the techniques too have become more advanced. In fact, there’s the combination of Adire and batik techniques which makes it more unique and valuable in the market.

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