With Lips As Red Slick Woods’, Here Are 3 Of My Fave Lipsticks From The Kamdora Store!

With Lips As Red Slick Woods’, Here Are 3 Of My Fave Lipsticks From The Kamdora Store!

Ever since the full-lipped American model, Slick Woods modelled for the edge cutting brand-Fenty I have gotten my eyes fixed on full red lips. From time immemorial, red lipstick has been my thing. I might switch it up with a few colours like nude, purple or burgundy but red stands out for me.

slick woods-kamdora

One thing I consider as well is the shade of red colour, price and the lipstick brand. For me, shopping for beauty products must be budgeted and authentic that’s why I hover through online retail stores that sell authentic products at an affordable price.

The Kamdora Store caught my attention with the amazing beauty products the store has to offer. Currently, I’m loving these three lip shades!LA-copy-kamdora

The L.A. Girl Secret Matte Lip Gloss has to be my no. 1 fave! First off, the shade s a mix between deep red and burgundy. It’s a shade that works well with all skin types and the best thing, it’s matte! The lippie is just N1,600 up for grabs at the Kamdora Store.


The Zaron Moisturizing Lipstick  “Tinky Winky” is ideal for one who loves that smooth feel you get when applying your lipstick because of the moisturizer in it.  Zaron beauty product never disappoints! Also up for grabs, this baby costs only N2,150


The Zaron Moisturizing Lipstick “Tonee Red” is a stunner! As the name implies, you can tell it’s intense by the shade so when you feel like getting “sexy”on, the tonee is definitely yours. It goes for N2,150.

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