Fashion: 5 Things To Know When Going For A Thrift Shopping Party!

Fashion: 5 Things To Know When Going For A Thrift Shopping Party!

  For once, let’s just accept that thrifting doesn’t make you a penny-pincher. Those stereotypes really need to stop because my thrift experience has made me discover lots of rare, classic stuff.

Last Sunday, I went to a thrift shopping party and it dawned on me that ladies have really opened up to the idea of thrifting. Just in case you don’t know what thrifting means, thrifting is buying several items from vintage clothing, other rare pieces for less. People refer them as “second-hand” products.

In Lagos, there are quite a few places that have rewarding pieces or accessories when you go thrifting. Marketplaces like Eko  (Balogun market for everything), Vespa (for shoes), Aswani (fabrics), Yaba etc. However, there are rules to thrifting rare finds which are;

1: Go early: Every of the marketplace mentioned above has their special market days. For Aswani, market days are on Tuesdays. Here, sellers from all walks of life come to sell good of all sorts. Here, it’s very sensible to arrive there early. Your best bet is to arrive by 8 because the people are definitely trooping in and out and you want to get the best. Yaba is an evening market, so the best time to arrive is by 5-6-ish. Other markets listed above are strictly for mornings to evenings. Another benefit of arriving early is finding the best things before others do.

2: Go with enough money: You may have that thought that you are thrifting “cheap” stuff so you don’t need enough money to stuff inside your bag-wroong! When you get to the market, you would be overwhelmed by the things you find and trust me, when one item cost less and you intend to buy other amazing things, you would realise that they actually cost more in pieces than as a whole.

3: Go with your friends: The more you shop with friends, the better experience you have. When you go with your girl-squad, they get to make decisions on the best item to pick and you have the opportunity to “borrow” from them if you don’t have enough. Also, what’s shopping without the gist?

4: Shop, shop, shop: Trust me, you get rare finds when you thrift and since it costs way less, buy enough because, you may not see such items ever again.

5: It’s okay to haggle: The fact that you buy things for less doesn’t mean that you can’t haggle the prices of the items you buy. In fact, the lesser, the better.

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