Food: These 5 Foods Should Make It To Your List This Christmas!

Food: These 5 Foods Should Make It To Your List This Christmas!

If there is anything else I enjoy every Christmas season is the food! Yes, who doesn’t love food? I’m not even joking I’m definitely eating a lot this season and detoxifying side by side. One fun thing we love to do as Nigerians during the Christmas period is cooking large quantity of food, sharing to friends, neighbours or inviting guests to come and eat.

To make your holiday savvy with different foods, these foods should make it to your cooking list.

1: Jollof Rice: This is a national food here in Nigeria! Jollof rice this season definitely would be a touch of professionalism because guests are eating out of it. As spicy as you want your jollof rice to be, there has to be side meals such as fresh salads, vegetable sauce, plantain etc.

jollof rice-kamdora

2: Seafood Okro: Not everyone loves to eat “English foods” during this season. Some people love to do it the traditional way-swallow the good life! You can opt for seafood okro to entertain your family and guest.

seafood okro, kamdora

3: Seafood Paella: There’s nothing more enticing that assorted seafood meals in one’s home. If you go the “jollof rice way” on the first day, do something different on the second day. Seafood Paella is one way to get your guests asking for more and have an unforgettable time.

seafood paella, kamdora

4: Yoghurt Parfait: If you are not a foodie, then some you must have love for other semi-foods such as yoghurt, ice cream, shakes, pies etc. Yoghurt parfait is made with greek yoghurt and some other ingredients. Click here to try it out (yoghurt parfait)


youghurt parfait-kamdora

5: Tigernut milk drink: One healthy drink that got so much attention is the tigernut drink. With its health benefits, people found other ways to consume this drink. Some use it for their cereal since it’s highly nutritious, creamy and low in fat.

tigernut, kamdora, christmas

It’s best to prepare for the season with the best meals so your guests will have an unforgettable Christmas! These foods should make it to your list. Start now!


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