Fashion: Trends We Are Ditching This 2017!

Fashion: Trends We Are Ditching This 2017!

I have had it with some trends this year and honestly, some of these trends have gotten on my damn nerves! It’s confusing how people misuse certain trends that could last for a while and then they lose meaning.

If you are the type that loves to let some trends to die before you start wearing them, then you are like me! From must-haves to must-ditch, here are trends that should not cross over 2017!

1: Ruffles : When this trend showed up, I was keen to jump at it. Then again it spread like wildfire and became a “global phenomenon”. Form runway, red carpet to the streets, everyone had something to do with the ruffles! Honestly, I haven’t even had a ruffle top or dress yet till it dies off completely. I’m so over this trend, it definitely won’t cross over until next year.


2: Metallic pleat skirt: I already feel sick with this almost-shoved-away trend! Not that I do not love pleats but all of a sudden, this metallic skirt is all over the place! It honestly irks the hell out of me each time I see it, and what’s worse, some people don’t style it properly.

pleat mettalic

3: Flared bottoms: At a time I was “feeling” this trend because it has this street style credibility. It made a lot of sense pre-fashion week and post fashion week but with everyone flaunts the flared bottoms even the 70’s style gurus won’t be proud.

flared bottoms

4: Beret trend: Don’t even come at me on this one! Although Rihanna endorsed it just after its comeback it doesn’t justify the fact that it’s staying in 2017. Everyone on the streets is wearing a beret, like can we take it slow with the beret thing?

beret kamdora

5: Cold shoulder/ bardot top: I’m literally crying on this one. I honestly think designers should take a break from the cold shoulder trend and play around with necklines like; asymmetrical hemlines, mono strap etc.

bardot top-kamdora

Are there any trends that are left out? Let’s know in the comment section!


Vickie O.
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