Life with Kayode Fahm: Episode 8 – Leadership & Teamwork

Life with Kayode Fahm: Episode 8 – Leadership & Teamwork

This episode of Life With Kayode Fahm explores leadership and teamwork and it’s importance to consistent productivity and success in life, to building institutions and leaving legacies and why it’s still a work in progress in Africa.

It also features a live leadership coaching session in Nairobi, Kenya with a cohort of young leadership fellows, many of whom were entrepreneurs, all invited and sponsored by Acumen East Africa.

Kayode leading a coaching session in Nairobi Kenya

The session discusses the 3 Cs – competence, character and connection – of leadership as well as the steps required to build a high performing team culture and ends with a yoga and flexibility workshop to help the participants attain harmony, balance and build more mental clarity, focus and fortitude.

The aim of the episode is to show that each and every one of us has the ability to influence and positively impact if we can just find the courage to do so.

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