The Style Glaminarian’s Pick – A Guide On Wearing Velvet

The Style Glaminarian’s Pick – A Guide On Wearing Velvet

If there’s one fabric that never goes out of season,it is velvet. Velvet pieces are definitely worth the buy if you want to look both opulent and fashionable. It is such a richly textured fabric that never falls short of making the woman who chooses to wear it stand out and look ultra chic. In my opinion, a woman is not as sophisticated as she thinks if she doesn’t own a couple of velvet pieces in her closet.

Unfortunately, most women would rather shy away from velvet pieces for various individual reasons but majorly out of fear of looking outdated, washed out or matching the wrong way. However, you can never look outdated in a velvet piece although it can be styled in such a way that creates an odd look.
Velvet is such an intimidating fabric that calls for attention itself so as far as styling it goes -always keep it simple, stick to a single velvet piece per outfit and build the rest of the outfit around that velvet piece for a balanced look and if you feel bolder or more daring, take on 2 velvet pieces per outfit.
Want to look absolutely chic when you wear velvet without going overboard, the following style set inspirations are just a few guidelines on how to;
Wear A Velvet Dress Or Jumpsuit
A velvet dress or jumpsuit is the ultimate go-to piece if you want to achieve a very sophisticated yet feminine look and get all the attention. Achieve a femme-fatale ensemble by pairing with minimal but classy accessories for a polished look.
how to do the velvet right by style glaminarian 1
Incorporate Velvet Into An All Black Look
To add interest to an all black look,Wear a velvet piece. To make the ensemble look even more glamorous, pair with a velvet accessory like a bag for instance.
how to do the velvet right by style glaminarian 2
Throw On A Velvet Jacket Over A Tank And Jeans
Nothing screams casual chic more than a velvet jacket paired with jeans. Throw on a velvet jacket over a tank or camisole and a great pair of jeans. Nail this look with statement accessories and funky jewelries. Absolutely chic!
how to do the velvet right by style glaminarian 3
Match Velvet With Faux Leather
Velvet and leather is such an amazing combo.It exudes such a sophisticated look that just cannot be ignored. To take this look up notch, pair a velvet top with an animal print leather bottom. Finish off with simple and minimal accessories so as to leave the main focus on the outfit.
how to do the velvet right by style glaminarian 4
Wear A Velvet Co-Ord If You Dare
If you’re feeling a bit bolder and more confident in velvet, opt for a velvet co-ord and accessorize with chic, statement accessories. Depending on the occasion of style of the co-ord, pair with either a pair of cool sneakers or a pair of sexy heels.
how to do the velvet right by style glaminarian 5

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