Ankara Styles #443: How To Wear Maxi Ankara Dresses!

Ankara Styles #443: How To Wear Maxi Ankara Dresses!

The last style that comes to my mind honestly, is the maxi dress. The first reason would definitely be my height (I’m down to earth LOL) and the second reason would be its size. Yes, Maxi dresses are meant to cover your feet.

It makes me feel some kind of religious in a way but that’s no excuse that maxi dresses can’t be beautiful on you. Yes, you have a point if you are on the big side but that doesn’t really count. There are tips you should know about getting the best out of a maxi dress.

1: Get an interesting style: It’s not okay to sketch or pick a maxi style that is uninteresting. Pick a dress that has details, check out for the type of neckline, the style and shape of the dress.

ankara maxi-kamdora

Credit: Atm Collections

2: A two-piece Ankara maxi dress: It’s simpler to make adjustments where there is a mistake. You can also choose to be versatile when you need to.

Credit: Tenten Looks

3: Thigh high slits: For an edgy look, a thigh-high-slit is a good start. You can rock a maxi dress and at the same time, show off some skin that is your legs and hands without hurting anyone.

Credit: True Fond

4: Mix other fabrics: Ankara and lace is a good way to get your outfit having so much taste. Make sure the lace blends with your Ankara fabric. 

Credit: Beauty by PmsTouch

5: Be funky, go Afrocentric: I’m a huge fan of the Afrocentric style and one way to get you looking good in maxi dress is the dress shirt. This is just stylish on its own. A maxi dress shirt is perfect on any body size.

Credit: Tribe of Dumo
Credit: Tribe of Dumo

 Get yourself styled in an Ankara maxi dress this season because it definitely rocks!

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