5 Weird Moments That Got Us A Little Bit Confused About Fashion In 2017

5 Weird Moments That Got Us A Little Bit Confused About Fashion In 2017

In fashion even if you think you are an authority, you are going to get bamboozled by the craziest pieces. Fashion-wise, 2017 has been crazy so far! I can admit there were creative designs, young designers really stood up their game and got the ball rolling.

On the flip side, there were moments that got us asking, “wait, what was that?!”. Imagine a toilet paper passed off as a purse, imagine those common crocs you see displayed by the roadside comeback with a high platform. So many things to laugh about fashion this year, let’s dig in.

1: Let me start off with the Balenciaga crocs: Blame it on the brand being too extra but sorta took crocs from “ugly” to “classy”. Oh,  the savage tweets were unforgettable and unforgivable! Actually,”Balenciaga approached the Crocs”, says  SVP Michelle Poole and they produced the world’s first platform crocs.



2: Moschino’s toilet paper-purse: Like, what won’t we see in the name of fashion? Moschino, at Milan Fashion Week displayed a lot of pieces that got us confused with what the designer was thinking. We needed to get our thoughts right! The toilet-paper purses, the cardboard box hat, the carton dress and the likes.



3: RompHim campaign: Now, this had nothing to do with the fashion show! In May, when everyone was preparing for summer, we saw an ad that had men wear onezies (smh, LOL). We dug further and wanted to know what brand came up with such idea for men to wear rompers. Well, Ellen Chen’s romphim made a $100,000 sales in one day!


4: Rihanna’s flip-flop heels: Many criticised Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma flip-flop heels at the New York Fashion Week. Twitter users called it “ugly as hell”. But in reality, it seemed somewhat cool on the flip side (just take a closer look).


rihanna-kamdora35: Rihanna’s two suits-in-one: Rihanna wears the strangest things and it turns out cool in the end. One outfit she was spotted on the streets of New York was the two suits-in-one dress. Like, literally, it’s two jackets combined and formed into a dress leaving the sleeves dangling. We got really confused but kinda accepted it!


Were there other awkward or weired moments that wasn’t mentioned? Let’s know in the comment section!

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