#SundayFunday: How To Enjoy Your Time At The Ongoing International Drinks Festival!

#SundayFunday: How To Enjoy Your Time At The Ongoing International Drinks Festival!

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I’m not much of an alcoholic drink/wine person but I enjoy a good cocktail (if the alcohol isn’t too much). It’s however, no excuse to sit back at home without exploring other options. In fact, it’s your best time to get acquainted with a few drinks, trying out a few and having  knowledge of the ones you try to abstain from.

It’s the “ember” period, you can bet that there will be fun activities because it’s almost at the end of the year. The International Drinks Festival started at the Federal Palace Hotel on Friday, Dec. 1st and is ending tonight with lots of interesting drinks from alcoholic drinks to non-alcoholic drinks at your disposal.

Some fun activities include the exhibition, master classes, drinks summit, beer village, cocktail mixing sessions, comedy, music, giveaways and much more. There most definitely would be some interesting and educating things to do without thinking of getting drunk. So far, I have seen drinks like 250ml Zobo drink by Clay Food Shop, Bonix drink, Pepsi, Jack Daniels and even your N100 Bigi drink! like wth…it’s definitely going to be fun and you would at least be able to spend N500 on a drink even if it’s sight-seeing you came for (LOL)

(The Mamba Energy Drink all over IG. Check it out!)

Here’s how to have a good time:

  1. I would suggest you go with two empty bottles: I mean, there would be lots of canned drinks but what if there was a sort of mixer that tastes so great that you want to sip and mise?  I’m not that shy to ask or purchase a mixer that tastes so well and preserve at the same time. A nice dinner and that cold drink would go hand-in-hand.
  2. Attend masterclasses: For what it’s worth, attend a masterclass. You would learn one or two things about a drink or how to make a drink or its benefit. There’s a lot to take from a masterclass. You can’t afford to be in a 3-day drinks festival and not know a certain recipe for mixing an uncommon drink or learn a few things. That’s actually sad if you did miss out.
  3. Invite someone for a drink or invite yourself: Talk about socializing, please don’t be too shy asking some guy or babe out for a drink. You might be “shooting your shot” unknowingly. *winks*
  4. Go with a friend but don’t spend the whole time with your friend. You gotta meet other people too you know.
  5. Network: Anywhere there’s a free event that is for the whole Lagos to attend and it’s in a prestigious location. Abeg..carry your complimentary card. There would be tush people to talk with. It’s not a time to “form”. Meet someone, talk about drinks, know the history of some drinks, where they originated from and you would be quite surprised that you know little.
  6. Have fun: At the end of the day, that’s all you came out for! Have a good time. Taste some drinks, if there’s an after party, attend. Just have a great time, will you?
  7. DON’T DRINK & DRIVE: Exactly, how the caption interprets it. It’s not safe to drink and drive just because you went for a drink festival. Behave well, if you are drunk, ask a friend to drive or lodge in a hotel. Be safe, it’s “ember” period. It’s not worth it losing your life over drinks.

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