Lifestyle: Tips To Help You Prepare For “The Experience” Event In Lagos!

Lifestyle: Tips To Help You Prepare For “The Experience” Event In Lagos!

kamdora-the experienceBy now, you would have known one of the biggest events, The Experience is happening live in Lagos. If you have been to this event, you would understand the need to prepare and be 100% ready.

It holds at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Onikan and would attract thousands of worshippers to the event. International ministers and gospel artists like Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Travis Greene, Micah Stampley and the likes.

Our gospel artists like Tope Alabi, Chioma Jesus, Nathaniel Bassey, Onos, Beejay Sax among others would be there. There’s no need to doubt that people won’t turn up. Since we are religious people in Nigeria, people would be much.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare and enjoy the event!

1: Plan ahead: Since the venue of the event is clearly on the mainland, if you know you love on the island, it’s best to arrive there on time. If you have a friend you can squat with, do so before 6-the appointed time. If you don’t have anyone to go with leave your home in time to avoid traffic.

2: Charge up: You most definitely would need your devices such as power banks, phones, cameras, recorders, torch lights etc. It’s best to charge your devices so you can document any section of the event.

3: Fuel Up: If you drive, make sure you arrive on the mainland at least by 4. Fuel up your car so you don’t be stranded on your way or at the car park.

4: Go with food: I never go for events like this without a warmer of jollof rice, some snacks or water and drinks. Trust me, after using up all the energy to worship, you need to re-vitalise physically.

5: Go with a friend or a family: Such events aren’t meant to bless you alone. Go with someone and let them enjoy God’s blessings with you!

6: Arrive on time: The best time to arrive in my opinion is by 4. Even before then, there would be a lot of people at the stadium securing seats for themselves and their family members that would come later. If you want to avoid the “someone is sitting here scene”, arrive on time and secure the best seat where you can see everything happen and be blessed.

7: Participate; What’s the need of being in an event meant to worship if you are not participating in the worship? Do it with all your heart and find God’s blessing. People don’t realise that worship is a mystery.

8: Dress up: Wear something comfortable and decent. It’s not a time to show cleavage or seduce anyone. Go with your jackets or blankets to avoid cold, mosquito bites etc.

9: Connect with someone: Yes, it’s God’s presence! Connect with someone, network and offer your services.

I hope these few tips would help you prepare for the event? If there’s an important detail that is left out, let’s know in the comment section! Enjoy!

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