Ankara Styles #442: Styling Ankara Dresses For Formal Events!

Ankara Styles #442: Styling Ankara Dresses For Formal Events!

Whenever I get a ticket for a formal event, I bother about wearing an Ankara or not. We often conclude that wearing Ankara would be quite “shallow” or “basic” for formal occasions or events such as dinner, award night or V.I.P birthday parties.

We have to thank the #madeinnigeria movement for rebranding this school of thought. Our designers too need to be applauded for making creative designs with Ankara fabric. Would you deny a Lisa Folawiyo piece to any formal event or say no to an Ankara piece made by Style Temple?

The key is in the design!

When styling for a formal event, follow these tips;

1: Work with a good designer: Before you make your dress, your design has to be sketched first, then, you can make your choice on the style that fits you most.

Malika Designer

2; Make sure the print fabric goes well with the chosen style. Sometimes, most patterns don’t work well with the style.

ankara dresses-kamdora-2
Faustina Onije

3: Go for edgy if your event requires and make sure your designer is built for the task. You don’t want to be embarrassed for this.

Empress Jamila

4: For strictly formal events, simplicity and sophistication should be your focus. Don’t go overboard with things. Accessorize properly and you are good to go!


5: The details is your best friend in every outfit. One conspicuous detail can make you the most beautiful person there and it may also ruin your dress. Let your designer play around with it perfectly.

flair, kamdora-ankara
Credit; @doopie

Ankara dresses are getting way better and more sophistication. Before now, I was never a fan of wearing it to formal events but with the stylish, creative details that designers create, my opinion clearly doesn’t matter. I’m joining the others on this one!

Would you rock a stylish Ankara dress to a formal event? Let us know in the comment section!

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