The Goddess Project – Cleansing Your Face 101

The Goddess Project – Cleansing Your Face 101

Cleansing refers to the process of removing dirt, making something clean. Unlike the rest of our bodies that is covered by clothes, our faces are constantly exposed to the environment which makes it a safe deposit for all the dirt, dust and germs you can think of. A dirty face is not always obviously sooty and grimy.

Face Cleansing

Contrary to popular belief, most cleansers cannot remove your makeup. Especially eye makeup, uno, gbogbo mascara and sturvs. Lol.



Face wipes. Gentle oils.

I’ve personally used beautiful formulas face wipes and I think it’s affordable and very effective. Less than 1000 Naira. You can add yours in the comment section below.

To remove makeup from the eye area, you don’t want to rub vigorously (eishh!), instead you place your face wipes or cotton wool soaked with oil (coconut/olive/jojoba/ grapeseed) on the eye area for a minute and wipe gently. Allowing it to rest for a minute before wiping allows the products soften and slide off easily.

You can use now clean the rest of your face gently with the wipes or oil. Follow this with lukewarm water and your cleanser of choice.

Remember in the last article, I mentioned a.m and p.m regimens? Yes? Wash your face twice daily.

I’m not a fan of alcohol-based cleansers that are flooding the market because alcohol dries out your skin. We don’t want that. When I say cleanser, I am referring to a face wash. Foaming/gel/bar/cream cleansers.

Personally, I have used Sebamed’s foaming cleanser as well as their gel cleanser. Very effective.  Native black soap is also something I swear by. You can check out the ones in Shea moisture’s skincare line as well.

Sebamed cleansing foam

See that toilet soap you bathe with? It’s not for your face. I said what I said.

The skin on your face is way thinner and sensitive than the rest of your body and toilet soaps are too harsh for it.

In the next installment of this article, I will cover how to use your cleanser for optimal effectiveness.



Thanks for reading.

P.S. you can drop product suggestions in the comment section below. Sharing is caring.






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