Work Chic?Here’s To An Unusual Stylish Look To Get You Motivated For Monday!

Work Chic?Here’s To An Unusual Stylish Look To Get You Motivated For Monday!

Mondays are a lot of things but fun that’s why most people have connotations such as “unusual”, “serious”, “tough” and the likes. Psychologically, one has to mentally prepare for the big day of meetings, deadlines, brainstorming sessions etc. It’s a not-so-colourful day for most.

Here, we are looking at styles that motivate us for work! There’s a positive psychological effect “looking good” has on you especially on a Monday morning (comment if it happens to you).

It’s a break from the norm- that one-of-a-kind type of look that gives you a certain audience, and positive feedbacks. I tried this “experiment” and it worked out well! If you are used to dressing up a certain type of way, try a different method- shock them and go unusual!

Here are my top looks for the week!

1: Sade Akinosho: She’s a bold stepper and a style stunner. She’s wearing a layered ruffled kimono jacket matched with a well tailored-pant. Her look is confident, bold and self-expressive. Monday has got nothing on her!


2: Shiona Turini:

She’s a woman of style, confidence and a lover of the suit life. When Monday knocks you down, look out for Shiona’s oversized blazer set and crop top. The animal print brings out a bold, stylish personality in her!


3: Ada Oguntodu:

Her androgynous style is off-the-hook! She goes for a daring, creative approach which makes her unique! This look is definitely a head turner!



4: Nelly of Muses Uniform:

How about starting off your day with an unusual blazer-corset look and a loose-fit pant? Style is an attitude and this look is bound to give you that confidence.


5: Stella Uzo:

Not your usual suit-set with sky-high heels? Get them nodding and getting acquainted with the suit and sneakers life for the “cool’ women only!

stella uzo-kamdora

6: Angel Obasi

If Mondays aren’t colourful, make it colourful through your outfit and attitude. Nothing beats a bright, cheerful and confident look on a Monday morning!

angel obasi, kamdora

Monday is an attitude, not just a day of meetings or a reminder that you require 99.9% effort to get things in order for the week. Styling yourself the same boring way needs to change sometimes do the unusual!

Vickie O.
Lover of fashion & chaser of trends. For more, check out IG;@thelazyoutfitter

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