Same Red Cap, Same White Native; A Debola Williams Style Story

Same Red Cap, Same White Native; A Debola Williams Style Story

When Mack Zuckerberg revealed in 2015 that he wore practically the same outfit, a grey shirt and black pants, to work everyday, attributing it to needing to focus his energy on more important decisions at work.  And it works for him!

For Debola Williams, and his signature white native and red cap style, while we are inclined to it being a branding tactics for him as opposed to it being as a result of a busy schedule, we are thoroughly impressed with how disciplined and completely thorough he has been with this Red Cap, White Native style.

adebola williams style 4

Of course, although independent scenarios have called for Debola occasionally diverging from this look, take for instance AsoEbis for weddings and whatnot, Debola is literally going the Mack Zuckerberg way of style.

adebola williams style 2

adebola williams style 5

adebola williams style 6

We love the way he made this signature  RCWN style a traditional affair to show his cultural heritage instead of going the way of modern and English style of suits and shirts.

adebola williams style 1

adebola williams style

Complimenting with the occasional Agbada, and on rare occasions, a change in cap color, Debola finishes off his look with sandals, slip-ons and classic loafers as the occasion fits.


Only one question we have right now – How many does he have????






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