Life with Kayode Fahm; Episode 7 – Art & Creativity

Life with Kayode Fahm; Episode 7 – Art & Creativity

Life with Kayode Fahm is a 13 episode motivational series showcasing Kayode Fahm’s travels throughout Africa as a motivational speaker, classical guitarist and martial artist seeking to inspire progressive change. Each episode explores a key life theme in an attempt to lift, educate as well as motivate viewers.

Kayode performig martial arts

The series features inspirational international professionals as well as Nollywood celebrities and was shot in Lagos, Cross Rivers, Nairobi, Dakar, Goree Island, Sali, Saloume, Dubai and Los Angeles.

Kayode performing in Dubai

The series targets the youth, young adults and adults young at heart as it’s key audience. The series is proudly supported by First Bank of Nigeria.

This episode discusses art and creativity from various genres and their importance to life especially when searching for meaning and purpose. Without creativity how does a society evolve, grow and change for the better?

Kayode discussing art with Dakore Akande

The episode also features insights from a celebrated actress and a renowned visual artist as to their creative inspirations and what being an artist means to them.

Peju Alatise visual artist giving her view on art
Peju Alatise, a visual artist, giving her view on art

Kayode performing in NairobiThe episode further explains how art is life and an important mirror into which we can all see our truth.













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