Accessories:These Red Shoes Will Make You Beg For Christmas Already!

Accessories:These Red Shoes Will Make You Beg For Christmas Already!

I’m right here having a major “shoegasm” which happens once I sight an extraordinary pair of shoes or sneakers. I’m indirectly asking for Christmas season to come already because these pair of heels are not worthy of work.

I’m not that type to have a shoe rack of diverse shoes but I’m loyal to quite a few. Give me a Balenciaga speed race runner, a Vans, Adidas or a structured pair of heels-i’m good to go. Since my feet have quite an ego they love classic, high-end designer shoes and intends to be that way forever.

giupseppe zanito, xmas-kamdora

What’s not to love in a pair of heels that is a blend of velvet, satin and clean soles. The sexiest part is the high heels and the velvet of course. Now I want a Christmas gift!

PRADA Feather-trimmed satin sandals

Why won’t I fall in love with quirky heels? I’m literally crying over these babies! It’s a fusion of bright red quill feathers, a big button and block heels for comfort. A perfect way to get you in the Christmas mood.

Metallic Finish Leather Sandals Red by Kim Kwang

Colour block heels are also part of my faves! Cone heels are quite new to me but with this design and sexiness, it’d be a perfect! My feet need one right now!







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