#BAAD2017: One Bride, 4 Styles- Which Of These Styles Do You Love Best?

#BAAD2017: One Bride, 4 Styles- Which Of These Styles Do You Love Best?


The part 2 of the #baad2017 is over but we can’t stop swooning over her dresses! Adesuwa Etomi looked drop-dead gorgeous in each of her outfits at her traditional wedding to Bankole Wellington yesterday.

Of course, you don’t expect a future “Mrs Wellington” to step out in just 2 outfits? Damn..she changed her game to 4! No one saw that coming! Her designer, Toju Foyeh made her really proud with the 4 different outfits which features the avant-garde Yoruba style, the avant-garde Edo style and the other two-Aso ebi styles respectively.

Let’s peruse the 4 different outfits the bride wore on her big day!

Look 1: The Avant-garde Yoruba outfit: From the illustration by Okhai (@leankid), we can tell that the bride would definitely slay this piece! The piece isn’t just an ordinary piece but the bride insisted on structure and drama and viola! she got this look!

toju foyeh-kamdora

The piece didn’t just come with structure and drama but hand beaded like a real couture inspired piece.


She’s a life-size Yoruba angel! Dress so full of taste and intricate details when you come close to it.

2: The Aso-Oke two-piece: Here, Toju went a bit eccentric and didn’t want a normal Aso-Oke bride. She went further to give the outfit more taste by making the ruffles dramatic by the side. A mono sleeve peplum beaded top is just the right way to give the crowd an entrance.


3: The Avant-garde Benin bride: Details make an outfit have more taste and appeal, for the Benin bride she wouldn’t go for the traditional wrapper and coral beads. The bride wanted an unconventional 21st-century look, she was going to get married a Yoruba King! lol, A

toju-kamodora 4

A structured detailed tube tiered dress is all the bride needs to feel sexy and beautiful!. Toju nailed the look with the colours, patterns and style.

4: Monostrap Beaded Aso-Oke Look: The fourth look came with so much glam! Every piece was detailed from the Aso-oke to the hem of the dress. One thing the bride loved was the colour-black and silver, all we could see was gemstones.

The one sleeve dress with ruffle slit gave her a perfect silhouette accentuating her figure and gave room for some skin. This must have been time-consuming but made her the most talked about bride!toju foyeh-kamdora 3

From the choice of fabrics, we could tell that the bride has quite a taste in fashion and an eagle eye for colours, glitter and structure. Her fabrics were selected from top fabrics stores like Bimms 24, NHN Couture and  Bisbod Ventures.

If you would choose, which of the styles did you think Adesuwa slayed best on her big day?


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