You Can Be A Badass Digital Influencer In The Condé Nast Italia’s “Social Academy!

You Can Be A Badass Digital Influencer In The Condé Nast Italia’s “Social Academy!

alexandria, kamdoraConde Nast Italia partnered with SDA Bocconi University in Milan to launch its first national social academy aimed at training a new generation of professional influencers.

“We’re here to dispel a false myth, that influencers are the enemies of media companies,” said Condé Nast Italia’s editorial director and corporate communication director Luca Dini, presenting the project at the city’s Teatro Litta venue.

“Consumers don’t see borders between journalists and influencers anymore,” echoed Condé Nast Italia chief executive officer Fedele Usai. “These are divisions we feel internally but the world outside is already marching at another pace.”

 The main purpose of the initiative is to teach the correct way to use social media, which focuses on quality content and respect for ethical standards. These include being specific about advertised posts and managing the number of followers and likes with transparency. (WWD).
This will eventually curb digital influencers who have fake like, followership and poor engagement in the long run.
It’s important that digital influencers become recognised and be certified because of the stereotypes. Thankfully, The Social Academy can make the world embrace the struggles of being a social media influencer!
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