#FridayBants! 6 Clapbacks To Get You Hyped Up For The Weekend!

#FridayBants! 6 Clapbacks To Get You Hyped Up For The Weekend!

I’m here for the bants and clapbacks! I mean like what else do you go on Twitter for? A clapback is a witty response to a “witty” question, comment, statement directed at you or someone. It’s a form of sarcasm which aims at annoying, correcting indirectly a careless thought or statement. Trust me, I rather anyone flogs me on my palms than a bunch of “witty” answers from strangers aiming at you without disrespect.

Nigerians are good at this game even other countries respect us for witty clapbacks. If you want to know how united Nigerians can try attacking us verbally or in writing and gather the confidence to put it up on social media.

I bet you, you will trend in a highly negative manner. The “positive” thing is that you would become famous for something carelessly said. It’s safe not to be careless with words online, don’t attack Nigerians with words online instead walk away.

Since everyone wants to be enemies of Nigerians online, they get spanked by the “big brothers”. I could go on with this but let’s peruse 10 random clapbacks you must have laughed out at.

1: Vampire Diaries vs Game Of Throneskamdora-clapback

If you watched the Game Of Thrones (GOT) movie then you would understand the first comment was clearly an opinion but a careless one. Correction immediately came from David who put him in his place. Only GOT fans will understand this!

2: Ghanaian Artist & Wizkid beef

clapbacks-kamdora 2

This is one of the most recent evil clapbacks! There’s a “beef” between Shattawale of Ghana and Wizkid. It has escalated so bad that Dammy Krane got himself dragged on this issue.

3: Mi Abaga vs Fan


If you listen to MI Abaga you will understand that he has a thing for “brags”. I mean, he brags about his music, his success and even getting the Grammy Award before any other Nigerian artiste. Now, someone has reminded him of his “brags” pls, enjoy his response..LOL

4: On the mass teacher retrenchment in Kaduna.
clapback kamdora

In the wake of the Kaduna mass retrenchment of teachers, someone puts out his opinion on Facebook. A random person attacks his use of English Language! Savage!

5: Brandwatch React vs Chrissy Teigen

chrissy teigen-kamdora-clapbacks

You just have to love Chrissy Teigen! She is one of the wittiest people I know on planet earth. If she can throw a shade at John Legend ( her husband) I don’t know who on earth can miss her epic responses. Just imagine her response *hurts like fuck* in three words..but why!

If you want to get the best savage responses that can make your day go from 20-2000, roam around Twitter, follow Krakstv, The Comment Section and sometimes Instablog.

Vickie O.
Lover of fashion & chaser of trends. For more, check out IG;@thelazyoutfitter

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