#FancyFeetTuesday: Kat Maconie Shoes Are My Latest Obsession!

#FancyFeetTuesday: Kat Maconie Shoes Are My Latest Obsession!

Don’t talk about Kat Maconie shoes without thinking luxury, art, eccentric with high-level sophistication. Unlike your luxury classic shoes like Loubs, Jimmy Choos, Prada and the likes, you find the shoes quite eccentric.

Give me artsy, quirky and feminine sophistication with a fusion of bright colours then you have my heart. Ask of comfort with style, Kat Maconie shoes have got the structure and balance of their block heels!

kat maconie-kamdora 5


Aren’t these even lust-worthy enough? I’m such a huge fan of quirky and conceptual designs, bold prints and solid structures those are the obvious reasons I’d prefer Kat Maconie shoes over late night snacking and a hangover.

kat maconie-kamdora

frida-kat maconie-kamdora

kat maconie-kamdora 3

There’s that chemistry you connect with a shoe that has got embellishment, gold details and pure quality. Barely caressing these shoes with my eyes, they are fit for the runway and perfect on the feet of the likes of Ellie Goulding, Kiera Knightley or Kate Moss.

kat maconie-kamdora 2

nessa-kat maconie

It’s affirmative that Kat Maconie has a thing for metallics and what better way to fuse metallics and bright colours? Gotta love her creativity, designs and concepts in her shoes!

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