Work Chic Girl? 5 New Ways To Be On Your A-Game In Blazers In A Snap!

Work Chic Girl? 5 New Ways To Be On Your A-Game In Blazers In A Snap!

How handy blazers can get in making you look more professional to work! I can’t emphasize enough its importance to the work chic. Wearing your blazer/jacket on your shoulders is a connotation women of style want to change. 

We have seen blazers go from normal to deconstructed and still look cool and fit for work.  It’s enough that the men make it too rigid with the shirt and tie but the game changers are here to make blazers have a new reputation.

Alexandriah Sho-Silva

I’ve become more obsessed with blazers that have certain details such as the big buttons, big sleeves etc. It’s a new way to be cool! Step your game up by adding a few edgy accessory like the big belt over it and beret. Now that the beret is trending, make good use of it.

Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

Did you ever think the blazer would just stop at the waist? Let’s take you forward with this “tuxedo-piece”. I’d definitely step into my office looking fancy in this outfit. This is a major step to make an entrance and look eye-catching on a Monday.


Miss edgy-queen Rihanna knows how to get a boring looking blazer to an eye-catching outfit. Unlike any plain blazer, go for a check blazer. Be edgy like Riri and roll up your blazers by the sleeves. If you are wearing it like a dress, consider wearing a much longer type to make it work appropriate.

Maryam Salam

Who else is feeling the fanny pack trend on blazers? This is just apt to get you looking like a boring banker in suits to the queen of trends in a real snap! To achieve this look, you need to get your androgynous game intact. Step it up in a brogues/oxfords or male shoes, button up the blazer and get them fanny packs on.

kim kardashian-kamdora
Kim Kardashian-West

It’s that easy to style your blazer-dress. There are so many options for wearing a tuxedo dress, you can style it up like a dress (if it is oversized) or pairing it up with pants or skirts. A pair of sky-high heels would do justice to your look.

If you are a work chic and blazers are part of your everyday routine? Those are 5 ways to make blazers look more interesting and fun!

Vickie O.
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