The Style Glaminarian’s Pick – 4 Ways To Reinvent That Old Black Blazer And Wear Outside The Office

The Style Glaminarian’s Pick – 4 Ways To Reinvent That Old Black Blazer And Wear Outside The Office

So you saw this black blazer some months if not years back, fell in love with the detailing, tried it on and fell in love with the fit even more and decided you absolutely were not going to walk out of that store without getting it even if it was going to cost a fortune. You just had to get it!

So you bought it, wore it a lot of times, each time in almost the same manner that it almost became your signature go-to piece/look but you did not have a care in the world, it was your favorite go-to blazer after all plus it is black ; “Black is neutral and matches all my outfit choices”. This you repeatedly told yourself up until the blazer finally bored you out even with the detailing and fit you were once head over heels in love with. Why wouldn’t it? You wore it the same way every single time so much so your look became so predictable. More so, you believed you could only wear it to one place; the office

It’s now one of those pieces in your wardrobe that you just look past and give a weak smile because you feel exhausted from “over wearing” it THE SAME WAY all the time; or maybe you just don’t know how to reinvent it and give it that spice that makes it feel like the very first time you bought it.

Below are four ways to reinvent that old, black blazer and wear it outside your workplace;


1. Wear your blazer as a belted blouse.For a super sophisticated finish ,pair with black fitted pants and a super sexy pair of pumps.

reinventing the black blazer 1


2. Wear a very feminine dress and drape on your blazer for a cape-like feel. Finish off with some sparkly jewelry.

reinventing the black blazer 2


3. Wear as a dress if you feel comfortable with the length of the blazer. Just be sure to have the right underwear on or a barely noticeable shift dress. Complete this look with flats or heels and chic accessories.


reinventing the black blazer 3


4. Drape it over a bralet and printed pants for a night out.

reinventing the black blazer 4





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