#MondaysAreForManicures: 5 Dark Manicure Ideas For The Week!

#MondaysAreForManicures: 5 Dark Manicure Ideas For The Week!

I’m not so keen on colourful nails when it comes to the manicure or pampering my nails with nail polishes that are as bright as the sun. I’m leaving neon, yellow and fuchsia out of this matter it until summer when they come out to bless my nails.

Dark nails call my name so I don’t have to pace around the beauty salon and getting into an argument with my subconscious on the appropriate colours for my hands and feet. I can be crazy enough to choose two colours-one for my hands and another for my feet but with dark (black) there’s a willingness to get them all dark.

If you are like me or you want to try out other fun black nails, then you would find this totally exciting!

Try out the matte winter nails: Now that winter is close by, try out something fun and quirky with your nails like a little nail art inspired by Christmas reindeers or red polka dots-or s colour indicating Christmas on the black polished nails.
winter manicure-christmas-kamdora

2: Cosmic Nails: Cosmic nail art is inspired by the galaxy-I mean the bright lights, the galaxy of stars, the sparkly element of the sky. Don’t just get your nails polished in black, get the cosmic effect to make them more sassy and classy.

cosmic manicure-beauty-kamdora

3: Two-Toned Nails: Let’s leave the gloss or galaxy for a while but this two-toned black nails is the truth! Get your nails pampered in two dark colours like black and another dark colour of your choice.

two-toned nails-kamdora

4: Stud Decor: It’s a bright idea getting your nails done and decorated with little gemstones. How creative to get them sparkly without getting your nails overly-coated with polish. Add a little gem for that glitter!


5: Matte Designs: Yes, matte is not a trend anymore but revamp your style in a matte polish by adding extra designs on it. It would be best to go to a nail artist to get any design of your choice. Don’t polish your nails in matte but do extra with the designs.

matte nails-kamdora

Credit: Manicure Ideas

There’s so much beauty exploring dark nails and it becomes so much fun when the art is involved. Having your nails polished in dark colours is basic until the nail art is on it! The aim is just to be creative when you have dark nails on.

Vickie O.
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