The Goddess Project – The Ideal Skin Care Regimen

The Goddess Project – The Ideal Skin Care Regimen

In our quest for beautiful skin, we usually end up with a ton of products that seem not to deliver as promised. Before you make that purchase, do you have enough data to make an informed decision? And before you toss that product, do you think you have been using it correctly?

Below is the in an ideal skin care regimen.

  • TONE



These are steps to be followed in the morning AND night. Consistently. Yes you heard me.

Morning regimens usually contain lightweight products and are usually protective to help with the rigors of the day.

Night regimens on the other hand contain heavier products that are more of treatments to allow the skin heal and regenerate.

It is important to know that your night regimen should be done at least 2 hours before bed. You don’t want your beddings to steal your shine now, do you? I’d like to mention that exfoliation should be done twice or thrice in a week depending on your skin type and sensitivity. Or you know, manufacturer’s instructions.

Always make sure you read and follow the instructions on your products. No dey do oversabi.

I’ll go into all of the steps above in subsequent articles.



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