Oprah Winfrey, Tory Burch & More On Building A Million Dollar Empire #MondayMotivation

Oprah Winfrey, Tory Burch & More On Building A Million Dollar Empire #MondayMotivation

It’s a thing of joy for us when females achieving pinnacles in business that even their male counterparts haven’t reached. From Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Alba, The Olsen Twins among several others, we’ve been able to glean a few words of advice from this successful women.

For #MondayMotivation today, we focus on these few women who have changed the way women should aspire and hustle for lack of a better word to use. We take a few words as spoken from them over the years and hope that we can apply this in our own daily empire-building mission.


Oprah Winfrey

Listen To Your Instincts

While speaking to students t the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Oprah Winfrey, C.E.O of the Oprah Winfrey Show inspired with these words.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

“If I were to put it in business terms of to leave you with a message, the truth is I have from the very beginning listened to my instincts. All of my best decisions in life have some because I was attuned to what really felt like the next right move for me.”


Tory Burch

Step By Step Till You Get To The Top

Tory Burch has constantly rejected being called “an overnight success.” In an interview with Levo she explains her displeasure with that term.

Tory Burch #MondayMotivation

“I guess that made sense, if you didn’t count the 20,000 hours we put into building the business up to that day, or the combined half-a-million hours we all spent learning the industry in the years before that.”

With these word, Burch teaches us that while we may live in an instant world, nothing can replace hard work, tenacity, and of course patience.


Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

No Is A Full Sentence

The Olsen twins who could be called the most successful business women of their age are never afraid to take risks or say no.

marykate and ashley olsen

In interview with Vogue and Newsweek, they are quoted as saying this words that are hard to forget;

“Running a fashion company, it’s just as important to understand numbers as it is to have a design point of view. Don’t be afraid to take risks, well-informed risk. No is a full sentence.”

Who knew No was a full sentence. Now we do, all thanks to the twins.


Jessica Alba

Hire Your Weakness

Jessica is not just a pretty actor. The President and C.E.O of the Honest Company is one brilliant and successful empire runner. While talking about how she runs her business, Jessica shares these few words.

Jessica Alba

“You never want to be the smartest person in the room, Know what you’re good at, and find people who are masters of the areas that are your weaknesses.


Jessica Simpson

Failure Is Sometimes Okay

Jessica Simpson went from being an impressionable blonde to the owner of company that rakes in over $1 billion in sales every year. While speaking to Forbes on this achievement, Jessica shared this inspiring words.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

“I have learned many lessons when it comes to business, but I feel like the most empowering lesson that I have learned is failure is okay sometimes. And in that we grow, and we learn from that, and there is success around the corner.”

A sure confidence booster.



Have a beautiful week people!






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