ICYMI Bolanle Olukanni, Zainab Balogun,Chi Gurl & Others Attend Adesuwa Etomi’s Bridal Shower!

ICYMI Bolanle Olukanni, Zainab Balogun,Chi Gurl & Others Attend Adesuwa Etomi’s Bridal Shower!

A lot happened yesterday! First, the GTB fashion weekend bursting our heads with awesomeness and then Adesuwa Etomi’s bridal shower. Sometime in May this year, our dear “susu” (fondly called by Banky) had their traditional wedding (read here). 

baad 2017. kamdora

Adesuwa had the best time with her friends of course; Jemima Osunde, Zainab Balogun, Chi gurl, Bolanle Olukanni and other well-wishers. Did anyone notice how beautiful she looked in her dress? Just like a queen that she is!


Tubo, the Nigerian designer who made such a detailed piece gave us every reason to want to be a bride merely looking at Adesuwa. It’s so magical that her dress was straight off the runway to her banging body! A detailed mesh and white floral tube dress balanced by a high back slit and gold shoes is just the perfect combo to get your girls in that “bridal shower mood”. To add to that detail, the florals had shiny studs which made the dress sparkle in the presence of light! 

Take a peek at her fitting the dress before the shower!

Pictures would fail to relate how stunning her dress looked! She is such a princess anytime and anyday!


jemima osunde-baad 2017-kamdora
Bride-to-be and Jemima Osunde


Chigurl, Bolanle Olukanni, Adesuwa Etomi and Zainab Balogun

Did you think the bridal shower would have ended without a gigantic cake? Hell no, hun! The cake was another compliment to the mesmerising white flowers decorated everywhere, her floral dress and setting. 

#baad2017-kamdora 2

Like a royal, she wears her gold crown, her cake decorated with gold and purple details as she smiles for the camera! How enchanting the setting of the shower, the gold and purple highlights, floral decoration gave such a relaxing ambience. What more can we say if nothing but amazing! We can’t wait for the most anticipated wedding of the year!



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