Style With Kome – How To Revamp Your Closet On A Budget

Style With Kome – How To Revamp Your Closet On A Budget

At some point, most women have this issue, especially with how much trends change, and how much it’ll cost them to change their closet.

So here are 3 ways to revamp your closet on a budget:

1. Buy from thrift stores

One of the best ways to revamp your closet is to buy thrifted goods, they are cheaper, they are vintage (in some cases) , although they have been used, they are usually good quality. I know most people have an issue with buying used clothes, but there’s no big deal, most style influencers and bloggers I love are very vocal about their use of thrifted clothes and look amazing too wearing them. Save yourself the cash, buy from thrift stores( there is a good online base for thrift stores right now, so go on Instagram and the list is endless).

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2. Invest in Statement pieces
The biggest issue we all have is we don’t invest in the right things, rather than spending your whole budget buying dresses, shirts, skirts that goes with almost everything or that is already a whole look, buy individual statement pieces. For instance, a denim or leather jacket, a graphic tee, cool earrings, or sunshades. These things instantly make you look trendier, and ‘cool’, rather than just buying jumpsuits or dresses. Learn to invest the little you are willing to spend on amazing pieces.

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3. Redesign old clothes

Rather than throwing away old or ‘out of fashion’ clothes, look at them and decide on a new style you will like it to look like or something else it can be used for. For instance rather than throwing away an old dress, go to a tailor and get some Ankara material and do something cool with it, and if you know how to do basic sewing even better! Turn maxi dresses into a cool shirt or romper, or cut off the top of a dress and sew it to another skirt to make a new dress. It’s pretty easy and what you can do to the clothes are endless. Never throw away another article of clothing.

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These ways should help revamp your closet and turn your clothes from basic to amazing, and the best thing is it won’t wreck your bank account!






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