Street Style Star: Monica Brown Wears The Best Trends Well!

Street Style Star: Monica Brown Wears The Best Trends Well!
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Florals on print, Monica Brown styles herself proving she’s not anyone’s mate!

Only if you didn’t grow up in the 90s listening to Monica Brown’s “the boy is mine” or you a not a fan of hip hop then you can boldly say Monica Brown’s name “doesn’t ring a bell” without feeling ashamed of yourself.

Monica 37, is not lagging behind in her fashion game even if her albums aren’t “hers” on the charts. She is doing just fine! If you are big on street style and looking for trend setters on street style, I’m recommending Monica coz, age has nothing on her.

She may not be as active as her “youngin days” but she is definitely slaying the streets effortlessly ! Let’s take a style tour on her street style fashion.

monica brown, kamdora, style 2She slayed the pyjamas trend three times better than anyone else!

Style 1: here, she shows us how to glam on the pyjamas style in a Johanna Ortiz Fall RTW 2017 piece. This is no ordinary pyjamas! The details speak for itself; the ruffles on the shoulder, bubble sleeve and two-print floral satin pyjamas is what you need for that big entrance!

monica brown, kamdora, style

Style 2: An iconic way to layer the pyjamas set, a velvet for that matter. Her blonde hairstyle has always stood out for her. Charm and style all in one body!

monica, streetstyle, fashionpyjamas, monica, kamdora

 Style 3: Would you have thought that your pjs do not only come in sets but in a onezie? Monica is spotted wearing a navy blue one-shoulder pjs fashion to a show. Didn’t I say age has got nothing on her style?

monica, kamdora, pyjamas

2: The Camo trend looks better on a-37-year old! Monica matches her oversized camo jacket on tee, tiny pleat pants. Gotta love the cute customised dog on the camo jacket. I admit camo never looked better!

monica brown, kamdora

monica, streetstyl, fashion, kamdora

3. Too cool to a mum of 3, she dresses her little ones in style also! Check this one out; she’s on a play date with her daughter and they are both well dressed. She’s wearing a bandana over her head with an olive green denim dungaree and the red fanny/cross body bag makes her look cooler than ever. Her daughter isn’t left out, she’s wearing a gucci mini purse on a stripe dress.


monica, kamdora

monica, b, kamdora

Her Sunglass game: Talk about designers, shape and colour, Monica Brown has a thing for sunglasses. Studded, two-toned or reflective glasses, I bet they fit better on her face!  

mb, kamdora

Not your usual nerdy girl, Monica’s “specs’ are spectacular.She chooses the best shape for her face.

monica brown, kamdora 6

On a Gucci level, never disrespect a woman with so much taste. The bigger the better on her!

monica brown, kamd, street style

mb, kam

Studs or reflective sunglasses, Moni is super stylish. We can’t stop loving these fashion moments and just to prove this, her street style is so game! She’s on a level of the Balmains, Gucci’s, Johanna Ortiz, Dsquared and their like so she has proved age got nothing on your style!

Vickie O.
Lover of fashion & chaser of trends. For more, check out IG;@thelazyoutfitter

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