6 Stylish Ways To Style Your Scarf!

6 Stylish Ways To Style Your Scarf!

If there is one season that permits carrying handkerchieves of scarves all around is this harmattan season we are entering. Scarves play a very important role in looking all fancy and chic in your outfit. The cabin crew can understand my perspective. I mean, it’s such a lady’s thing!

It’s so cute and chic at the same time if you know how to rock this trend and the beautiful thing about it is, you can be versatile about how to style it.

For a simple, chic way to style your scarf, here are 6 ways to rock them without looking for ideas from your friends or grandma. (it’s only a joke).

  1. Tie it round your neck: Just a simple way to show the details of your scarf. Take caution not to choke yourself but do it comfortable in a loose way and you are good to go!
Mary Ade

2: Wrap your hair in it like the Afro queen! Yes, that’s the way the Afro queen does it, she puts her hair in it and slays to the fullest. The larger your scarf is the better!

ada, kamdora2
Ada Oguntodu

3: Under your collars: It’s quite funky but stylish as well! It accentuates the beauty of your outfit and gives you that street style look without trying so hard. Loved how Mary styled hers.

mary, kamdora

4: Tie on the handle of your bag: If you don’t want to hold your bag on the handle, you can try to be versatile by putting it round your bag or use as a bag handle. It’s something fresh and different that will turn heads.

jadore, kamdora
Stella Uzo

5: As a bow: Fro chics will find this helpful! If you don’t have nice edges, this style will be an undercover for you. A big bow knotted on the side of your head is all you need to look chic and glam at the same time.

ada, kamdora

6: Tie it backwards: As simple and chic Mary makes it, it’s definitely worth a try! The goal here is to do fun things with your scarf and tying or wearing it backwards is something I’d like to do personally.

mary, kamdora 2
Mary Ade

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