#KamdoraCelebrityFile – Why We Love Sharon Ooja!

#KamdoraCelebrityFile – Why We Love Sharon Ooja!

Celebrities come and go and for some fame isn’t a permanent thing. But when we come across people whose light shine so bright, we can’t help but love them. One of these shining light is the beautiful Sharon Ooja.

Sharon Ooja is a beautiful glamorous actress. A graduate of Houdegbe North American University, Sharon moved into Lagos from the North about 5 years go. Although she stumbled into acting accidentally, according to an interview with Guardian Life earlier this year, she seems to be loving every part of it

And why do we love her? Keep reading!


She has such gorgeous style!

Sharon Ooja style in pictures 3

Sharon is a total lady with her style. Favoring dresses and ensembles from S.O.M.O  on most occasions, she opts for fitted silhouettes that accentuate her gorgeous body.

Sharon Ooja style in pictures 7

Sharon Ooja style in pictures 4

Sharon Ooja style in pictures 1

Sharon Ooja style in pictures 6

Sharon Ooja style in pictures 2

Sharon Ooja style in pictures 5



She is one of our fave characters from Skinny Girl in Transit

Sharon acts as Shalewa, Tiwa’s (Abimbola Craig) sister in Skinny Girl in Transit. She is the one who would get on Tiwa’s nerves and pretend she wasn’t doing anything bad. Her role depicts her as both naive and wicked and it is one which she plays excellently well.



She is a 2nd time host of GTB Fashion weekend

Alongside the handsome Timini Egbuson, Sharon is the host of GTB Fashion Weekend. A role she took up last year, she and Timini, have such stage chemistry that there’s couldn’t have been a better duo for this!

Sharon Ooja and Timini Egbuson


She has a beautiful smile. 

Sharon’s smile lights up the room. She is so gorgeous!

Sharon Ooja smile

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