Just A One Minute Hibiscus Drink By Chef Tolu Eros!

Just A One Minute Hibiscus Drink By Chef Tolu Eros!

Chef Tolu Erogbogbo a.k.a Chef Eros brings love to the kitchen once more in this one minute video on how to prepare hibiscus drink popularly known as Zobo drink here in Nigeria.

As much as ‘Zobo’ is almost everyone’s favourite drink if Cocacola, Fanta or Sprite doesn’t quench enough of your thirst, not everyone can make this drink as perfect as it should be. Most local restaurants or road side hustlers that sell this drink either make it too “ginger-ly” or add excess sugar. Some even add saccharine to my greatest surprise!

Tolu Eros, kamdoraIn fact, you are left with the “is there just a simple way to make this drink without excesses?”. Zobo or hibiscus plant is highly nutritious and has many health benefits such as lowering the blood pressure, reducing high cholesterol, maintain a healthy heart etc.

In a interview with CNN, Chef Tolu says “Food is my own language, it’s a way of communicating. For me putting those ingredients together, the textures, the flavors, and someone putting it in their mouth, even if you don’t understand the flavor, your reaction is what I love the most. I just love to see their faces. That’s food enough for me, so most times when I cook I don’t eat. That’s because I’m eating so much already by just watching them enjoy it. It really is a true passion.”

It’s that easy if you are willing to try it out with these simple ingredients; Here are hs simple recipe, do try it out!

Zobo leaves – 2 cups;
Pineapple (cubed) – 1 Large;
Ginger (sliced) – 1 root or more; 
Water – 4 cups;
Sugar – 1 cups (optional). Directions:
In a large pot over medium-high heat, combine all the ingredients and bring to boil.

Reduce heat and let simmer for 45mins, stirring occasionally.
Let cool. 
Sieve and squash pineapples.
Serve over ice! 



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