Fashion 101:Tips On How To Dress Up For An Art Exhibition!

Fashion 101:Tips On How To Dress Up For An Art Exhibition!

The grand finale of the ArtxLagos event holds today. I assure you it’s going to be the day most creme de la creme meet up, have fun and network. Of course the main topic is about art but things always digress (if you know you know). The gala night or after party, the exchange of phone numbers or business cards a a simple lift from someone could make a big difference.

How then can you be in such a community of people with class and status without thinking what to wear or your physical appearance giving them a hint of your personalty. An ‘artsy’ environment don’t necessarily mean so much glitter or too expensive accessory.It’s almost quite the opposite! Simply put, come in classy, chic and a hint of artistic accessory would do.

  1. Wear something white: Neutral colours (black and white) are very symbolical to art. In fact those two colours stand out. White represent beauty, something pure and classy. Accessorize your white outfit with a bit of any colour and you are good to go!

bidemi zakariyu

2. Wear something black: Have yopu heard of the adage; “when in doubt wear black?” that seems to be quite true. Like I mentioned earlier, white and black are symbolical to art. those two colours stand out. You could do an all black outfit (if you know how to pull that look) or something pitch black. You can never go wrong wearing black.zainab balogun,kamdora

3. Go in something artistic: For me,that would be the accessory. One accessory that is in the hand of every fashion forward individual is the woven bag. Accessory can be in the form of earrings, clutch bags, shoes , turbans or artistic scarves, abaya or kimono.

Nicole Asinugo
Nicole Asinugo in her batik kimono! Outstanding!

4. Soft Makeup: Don’t be too dramatic with your look. A soft, natural look is just perfect. Most art women are happy and look beautiful in their natural hair, bare face and comfortable clothes. If you are not comfortable in your skin, a little touch up will do.

5. A winning Smile: Nothing beats a pretty woman than a lovely smile. Smiling is one accessory people fail to wear. It shouldn’t even be an accessory but it should be a character.

6. Chic, Calssy and Comfotable: For any look you decide to pick, always make sure you look effortlesslyss chic, classy and comfortable in them. If you aren’t comfortable in your outfit, you wouldn’t enjoy your day.

Vickie O.
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