#FridayBants: 6 Catch Phrases In Nigerian Music That Ruled 2017!

#FridayBants: 6 Catch Phrases In Nigerian Music That Ruled 2017!

I’m here for the bants especially in Nigerian music. This year has been a plethora of eventful twists and turns in the Nigerian Music industry. Who would have thought that P-Square would split or the controversial Tekno and Dammy Krane’s childish brawl.

I can admit that I nodded my head to quite a few music and tried to learn the lyrics as well. A catch phrase is that line/sentence used by a famous person and this time we are referring to music. It’s that line you hear that makes you recognise your jam or gets your head bubbling when it comes on. It goes deeper by singing along so others can know “hey that’s my jam right there and I recognise who is on it” moment.

I’m pretty sure you are familiar with these 6 catch phrases in the Nigerian music. First, I would  say the number one catch phrase right now in Nigeria is….*drumrolls*

  1. “I go shoot my shot” from Joromi jam by Simi: Right now if this music comes on, i’m already wriggling like a snake and waiting for that line. I’m sure you agree. Listen below.

2.”Money fall on you” from Fall by Davido: By now i’m sure you are on the groove and nodding.It doesn’t stop at that, you go to the banana fall on you catch phrase. I’m sure you can relate *winks*

3.”Wo” by Olamide: I’m still to fathom the impact of these two letters. “WO” which means “look or see” in Yoruba language is a word that calls for action. The introductory beat and the “Wo” chant makes you get on your feet and more importantly not forget it in a rush.

4. “Shey footballer ni ye, ti on gba ball le kiri”  from Maradona by Niniola: Nini gives you that Afropop vibes that makes you dance rhythmically. The couplet of the first stanza in Yoruba is quite contextual. If you know, you know…maradona!

5.”Mad Over You” by Runtown: I can’t really say in particular the line that was the catch phrase here if it’s “hope your love sweet pass shitto” or the chorus “mad over you girl”..In fact, there’s quite a handful of punchlines but I’d go with the title.

6:”If you no get money hide your face” OR “the chorus (gben-gben-digben-digben)” by Small Doctor: If you live on twitter, you would understand the impact of the former because twitter guys were throwing tantrums at themselves with this phrase alone. The later is for the main groove at least, if can’t catch up with the language, you can say a few “gben gben di gbens”..Lol in Yoruba.

Are there any catch phrases that I missed out? Let me know in the comment section! Watch out for catch phrases on the international scene next week Friday!

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