Fashion: Chinyere Adogu Is A Street Style Chic In Pink!

Fashion: Chinyere Adogu Is A Street Style Chic In Pink!

chi chi adogu, streetstyle, kamdoraThere’s that stereotype about pink being a “girly” colour but how does it match so well with street style? When I think about street style, what comes to mind is denim and sneakers, a rebellious self expressive style inspired by things one finds on the street.

Pink doesn’t really come to mind only work chic can perhaps do more with pink- pink shoes, pink bags, pink lipstick etc.

chichi adogu, streetstyle, kamdora
What a way to layer up a pink cold shoulder top and leather!

Everything is beautiful in pink with Chinyere Adogu. If you are wondering who this hottie is, she is a vlogger, ex- MBGN Tourism and add a lifestyle blogger to it. She’s such a style inspiration when you have a bore with the colour pink. She finds such a fun way to turn a bright coloured pink to something funky and irresistible.

chchi adogu, streetstyle, kamdora
Monochrome pink in a street style way!

What a refreshing way to bring pink to life! With a monochromatic style of matching a similar shade of pink to a convincing way to stack up pink in your wardrobe. She layers a pink oversized jacket on a long-sleeve pink sweaters. The sexiness did not stop at the skimpy shorts but the ankle-high clear pink pointy shoes is to die for.

Chi chi Adogu, Kamdora
Not all bright pink can look as good as the dark shades when styled well.

Not only bright pink colours can make a lady be more attractive but a funky way to mix a thigh-high boots and colourful accessory can give a lady a quick pass to the ” VIP” section. Move over, Chi’s corset belt says it all, her floral print bag is all she needs to make the fur pink dress 10 whistles.

pink, chic adogu, kamdora
Pink accessory can be that little detail to give your look the boost.

Accessory also plays a part on how she makes pink such a lure. Little details says a lot when styling, one must consider the fact that less is more when it comes to flashy colours.

chic chi adogu, kamdora

Denim looks so sexier with a touch of pink! Never be too fast to dismiss that pink can be a “girly” colour with the way Chi works it here, we are nodding our heads to this combo. Street style never looked this sexier and classy at the same damn time.

chi chi, kamdora
How a lady sits in pink and definitely slaying!

Let’s consider that Chi’s “pink” street style is too dope! Now that we have seen different ways she made pink such a pleasant way to infuse it on your style, we are nominating her today as a street style chic of course, in pink!


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